I decided that I would spend some time this afternoon with Gracie and Micah, teaching them to tie their shoes. Gracie is 6 now, and I think it is time she does it herself; and I figured that Micah could probably handle it too. So I sat down with both of them and very patiently taught them how to tie.

I tried to use all of the various “make a bunny ear”, “go around the tree”, and “go into the bunny hole” little tricks that I could remember to help the kids learn; and they actually did quite well.

Micah picked it up pretty quickly, considering he hasn’t really been shown how to do this before. Gracie has a tendency to get frustrated faster, but after taking a break and some gentle encouragement by me, she go it too! Wooo hoooo!

Now the key will be for them to keep remembering how to do it each day (without being “retaught”). We’ll just have to keep at it and make sure they get plenty of practice!

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