Scholastic Points: Personal or School/Classroom Property?


The Question:

Do those of you who place monthly book orders consider the items purchased with bonus points PERSONAL or do you consider them SCHOOL/CLASSROOM property?

The Answers:



WE as teachers take the fliers apart, WE send them home, WE collect the money, WE submit the order and payment, WE take the time to sort out the books for students when they arrive…definitely personal property!



Personal!!!!! Half of my bonus points are from my purchases though.



Classroom…I send those books home with kids who have none. I can afford more, they never can afford one.






What you think doesn’t matter as much as the policy in your district.



I use them in my classroom so the children benefit. I am the one doing all the work of placing the order and distributing the books so I look at it as my “pay” for doing this job. The books go with me if I ever leave.



Matthew, I work at a small parochial school. There is no district policy. I have always been torn by the subject and was curious what other teachers thought. Everything I get with bonus points is used in my classroom.



I teach in a public school and I consider them mine. When the day comes for me to leave they will go too.



Most of the book orders were bought by me for my students. All books purchased have been used in my class for many students for several years. Many students have benefitted. Personal means it is just for me. I did not get them for my benefit but for the students. So take them with you. I am retiring this year and my K team will get them!



I buy most of the books that earn the points so I think they are mine.






Either is fine



I spend around $2500 a year on school stuff, and most of the books I order are ones I pay for, so yeah, they’re mine.



Considering I am usually making up the minimum dollar amount to make shipping, personal! Of course I often use them to get books for the kids.












Interesting. I recently started teaching pre-k and assumed the bonus books are school property. Thanks for bringing up this topic!



I wish my third grader’s teacher would order….I was told “we don’t have time for that” was utterly appalled.



I use most of the points for school, but would not feel guilty using for personal items as I buy so many books throughout the year. Most are presents for the students or for classroom use.



Now I’m interested in knowing if there are districts that have a policy about this. Mine never did. I considered the books “mine,” but the points were used on classroom things – so they benefited the class, but moved with me when I moved.



Personal – used in the classroom






I get the bonus books for my classroom but would take them with me if I move schools. My parents (former language arts teachers) got a microwave with their bonus points about 15-20 years ago, and I have it in my apartment today! 



Personal books for the classroom. They get my “return to Mrs Guertin’s classroom” stamp on the inside! They’ll go with me if I ever leave. I also use points for books to give as gifts to students.



Things bought with points are personal but I use them in my classroom and most of mine go to gift books for the kids anyway. Cheryl, if you order online through Scholastic you can find a teacher in your school that does online ordering, even if your child’s teacher doesn’t do book orders. I have had several parents from other grades order through my classroom.



Good question . Personal, because dealing with book orders is such a pain.



Most book order companies consider it your personal account because it will move with you to another school. Like most people I use them mostly for purchasing classroom items… I will take those with me if I leave.



I count them as mine, but always use the items purchased in the classroom. But when I leave they will come with me to my next place. I put the time and effort in, and most of the time a good portion of the points come from my purchases.



I use my points to order more books, so classroom.



Cheryl -what?!? Pm me and I will see if I can find another teacher you can order through. I wish I could get my K kids to order!!!!



Definitely personal. Most of the bonus points I get are from books I pay for with my own money.



It’s all MINE, baby!!



Personal – I did book orders for most of my 28 years in K and got lots of books between bonus points and buying bargains for myself. I wrote my name and “pp” for personal proeprty inside every book I got. 



I have always considered them personal items. I do all the work required to earn those items for myself.









Personal. I put a lot of time and effort into promoting the program. I often use my own money to get my order to a certain amount so I can get more points. For example, if students have a $45 order and at $50 we get 250 more bonus points then I put on the extra $5.






Personal… After 25 years I had lots and lots of books. Kept some for grandkids but gave a lot to my teaching friends. Considering how much of my own money  I spent ,I definitely felt they were mine. You take the time to send home orders and get them ordered… I never thought any different. They belong to you!!!



You do all the work!



Personal for sure



I’ve done both. I give away books at my church’s Trunk or Treat. Kids (for the most part) love it and look forward to it every year. I also give away books at baby showers and moms love it! For the last couple of years, I’ve told parents, depending on their orders, I could give away lots of free books as prizes and I have been able to do that! I currently have about 200 books stashed away to give out as needed. I LOVE SCHOLASTIC and their bonus points!



Both. I give some as Christmas presents for kids in my class, but I don’t feel bad about spending points on my own three children.



The book order process is a not an insubstantial amount of work. I feel like the points are a reward for the teacher’s extra labor. So the things I purchase with the points are mine. I get stuff for my classroom, but if I leave to teach elsewhere, it’s leaving with me.









I use them as in class gifts for my students as well as for classroom use. I consider them my personal books.






I use my points to buy books for my kids to take home.

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