The Big Reveal: Who Will My Teacher be Next Year?

Kindergarten teacher helping student with reading skills

Meet the Teacher, The Question:

 We make our class lists in the spring, but don’t let parents or kids know until the day before school starts. Some parents wanted specific teachers for their kiddos, but we no longer do requests, so You get who You get.

I’m wondering how early you let parents and students know who will be their teachers?

The Answers:

Our families are not notified at all. The teacher sends a welcome letter home the first day of school introducing themselves.
We let our parents know at the end of each school year who their child will have when they return after summer.
About 2 weeks before school starts.
 We let them know 2 days before school starts so they come for Meet the Teacher the day before school starts, and see their room. We don’t do parent requests either.
Lisa Marie
We let them know on the last day of school…notices go home with their final report cards.
We posted ours on Tuesday evening. The kids start on Thursday. It is hard for us to post ours as we still have students enrolling and withdrawing.
A couple weeks before school. It is hard for our school to inform them because we have so many enrolling and withdrawing also right up to the day before school starts. Makes it hard to know how many classes we will need.
We send out notifications a couple of weeks before school starts.
Kindergarten teachers don’t get the list until a day or two before Meet the Teacher night, and we post it on Meet the Teacher night (4-5 days before school starts). The other grades send a postcard about 2 weeks before school starts.
Our families can put in a teacher request in early spring. They are told who the next year’s teacher will be in the comment section of the final report card. We hold our Kindergarten orientation in the Spring and have a Meet the Teacher night two days before school starts.
The minute Open House starts–the rosters are posted and parents scramble to see where their child is placed. I wish we would let them know earlier so if there is a conflict, it can be worked out before school starts. Open House is the evening before school starts the next day. Not much time to deal with “issues”.
We post the lists Thursday. “Meet your Teacher” is Friday and school starts Monday. We have so many families registering up until the last minute, they are making classes until that Thursday! And after Meet & Greet, there are always changes to the class list before the 1st day…
Where I teach they find out at Open House…where my sons go they found out on their end-of-the-year report cards in June.
A letter goes to our in-coming K kiddos at the end of the school year, sometime in late June. Current K kids have their 1st grade teacher names put on their final report cards. We send home questionnaires before we work on class lists. This gives parents an opportunity to put their child’s strengths and weaknesses, learning style, friends, concerns, etc. There is no opportunity to request specific teachers, but we use the information to match kids to teachers and peers that will give them the best chance for a fun, happy year.
We send letters home the first week in June… All other grades get their teacher assignment with their school supply list and final grade card
Our school sends it home the week before school begins. Sometimes the kids find out before we do. We don’t usually allow teacher requests unless its a fellow teacher, then they allow that. We have kids enrolling the week before and day of (and after) school starts.. they let those parents know right then who the teachers are.
Postcards in the mail and lists on the door the week before
Our school starts next Tuesday, and lists will be posted this Friday.
July 1 we mail a letter. We do mini pre-assessments in June, divide the kids based on these, so we have a good mixture of levels. We only have a handful of requests- parents must meet with the principal to discuss educational reasons why they need a specific teacher. First year we’ve done it this way.
 In our small rural school….there is only one choice! No list needed!
Our students find out the day school starts. Class lists are not posted before the first day of school.
We do our “moving on day” at the end of the previous school year. Students are lined up by color and walked to their classroom! They do an activity and hear all about the exciting things the next year holds. They know who’s in their class, and all that wondering over the summer is eliminated for students and parents! It works great for our school!
The class lists for next year are posted on the main doors the week after school ends.
Our school sends out the class assignments a few weeks before school starts for grades 1-5,kindergarten gets their letters around the beginning of August with all of the info about their bus orientation day.
I sent a letter about a week before school started to remind them about our open house and the important things they needed to bring ( supplies, notes about allergies, after school arrangements, and questions or concerns.)
We have teacher sneak peak in May before school lets out, and then a back to school night again right before school starts.

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