About Miss Bindergarten

Welcome to Miss Bindergarten’s Blog!

Teachers from all over the USA and the world have contributed to the content of this blog.

The fascinating questions and answers discussed on the  Miss Bindergarten Facebook page are organized by topic and archived here.

There are links to all the technology, books and personalities mentioned in the responses.

The range of topics discussed includes, but is not limited to:

How do you handle September 11th commemoration?

Easy, homemade Playdough recipes

How many Centers do you have? 

Teacher is getting married/having a baby/out sick…any advice?

There are 25 categories (and counting,) so almost any topic you encounter in Pre-K, Kindergarten or 1st grade is discussed by the real experts–other teachers–here.

A little about Miss Bindergarten…

Miss Bindergarten is the creation of Ashley Wolff and Joseph Slate. She is the star of seven children’s picture books, published by Penguin USA, and a plush doll, made and sold by MerryMakers.

Books and dolls available at fine bookstores and online

Ashley Wolff is the author and or illustrator of numerous books for children and speaks extensively at schools around the nation. She teaches in the Certificate in Children’s Book Illustration Graduate program at Hollins University in Roanoke, VA. You can follow Ashley at her Facebook artist’s page.

Ashley administers this blog.

Joseph Slate is the author of numerous books for children.


4 thoughts on “About Miss Bindergarten

  1. I am a kindergarten teacher and am having to change reading programs. I have used “Read, Write, and Listen” for the past nine years and have really liked the progress all of my students have made using this reading series. However, they will no longer publishing this series and therefore must find a new one. Does anyone have any suggestions of what they use that they really like and feel is successful. Thank you for your help.

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