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The Question:

Looking through my closet, it’s become apparent that I don’t know how to dress like an adult. What are some of your staples? What are your favorite stores?
This is the area in which I’m most unprepared. I need help!

 The Answers:
I think it depends on your building. Some schools/areas seem dressier than others! Also you have to be comfortable.
I love this Pinterest Page and this Art Teacher Blog
You will spend a lot of time leaning over. Be sure your tops don’t hang open, revealing too much.
Classic and comfortable. If you teach the lower grades you will be down on the floor a lot, so pants are more practical, so I would invest in some nice classic cut pants that you can pair with blouses or sweaters. Also invest in good shoes, whether they be flats or heels. The new wedge shoes are great to– a little dressier but not as drastic as a heel
When you teach little kids, you soon realize your clothes will get wrecked and your toes stepped on constantly, so you can’t afford to keep replacing everything. This is why I shop Target!
Target and Old Navy for me!
The Limited. I think they might tailor pants for free too.
Ny&co. Teachers get 10% off also. I usually do a dress pant and nice top. I struggle with shoes.
My favorite store is Ann Taylor Loft for my teacher wardrobe. Don’t forget comfortable shoes! I like Born.
Watch how your pants fit. No undies showing!!
Comfortable shoes are a must. As a kindergarten teacher, I don’t wear anything that needs to be dry cleaned. Kinders tend to touch you a lot, so wash and wear is best. That’s good to know about NY&co.
I teach kindergarten and I find dresses to be the best fit for me. I live in FL, so it’s super hot, but they tend to seem a little dressier even if they are casual and comfy.
JCPenney has a great line- Worthington – pants, skirts. I teach K and tend to wear skirts and dresses more. Everything is wash and dry for me. JC Penney has great sales and coupons. Get the basic colors and change out the tops. Make sure you look nice and professional, add some nice costume jewelry. Make sure you look at all the staff for the tone of the school.Someone else mentioned every school is different so your student teaching experience may be different than your real job. However, you can never overdress!
Jennifer Kooy
I love a good cardigan! Cheap shoes can work if you add dr scholls inserts. My go to stores are loft, Marshalls, and old navy.
 Kohls, New York & co, old navy, loft, and Macy’s. Hit sales. Get fitted, comfortable pants, Watch top’s cut so no flashing or hanging out. Good shoes!  I like born and clarks or sperrys. Several good sweaters.
Many teachers in my school (including myself) wear clogs (Dansko or Sanitia) for shoes. Check your school’s dress code and talk to your supervising teacher about what is appropriate. Remember that you will want to be comfortable, yet professional. Wash and wear clothes are a must…nothing too fancy. Khakis and a top or sweater are usually a very safe bet. Skirts should not be too short, and pants should not be low rise (you will be in the floor and bending over) or too tight. Also No holes! I had to tell a student teacher that a graphic tee was not an apporipriate shirt (unless is were for a specific cause). Some schools allow jeans, but as a student teacher, I would recommend not wearing jeans…you want to make a professional impression.
Khakis are great, as are black dress slacks….Christopher and Banks is another place to check for slacks, skirts, and tops!
Kohl’s, Target, Maurices, and JCPenney
Sensible shoes, washable pants, sweaters or shirts. I get a lot from Talbots, especially when it is on sale.
JC Penney has nice, inexpensive clothes, especially if you hit the sales. Be careful about buying too much before you know what the temperature is like in your school/classroom. I teach in Maine, but they crank the heat up so high in my “old school” that I cannot wear sweaters or even long sleeves. I also recommend Dr Scholl’s or Earth Shoes for cheap but comfortable shoes (you can get both brands @ WalMart). Also, I recommend wearing your hair short, or pulled back. Recent changes in lice policies have led to widespread epidemics in many schools.
I like a brand of shoes from Dillard’s called “Nurture”. Lots of different kinds of sandals and closed toe flats. They have a soft insole that really is more comfortable than heels. Just can’t do heels on playgrounds and tile floors anymore! I also find pants to be more comfortable when I am up and down off the floor with kids. I have several different colors….tan, black, brown and navy. Then my blouses, shirts, tanks,sweaters and jackets are easy to layer and add the pop of color to fit your mood or the weather. Jackets seem to feel more professional when it is conference night!
As a student if you are money poor..check your goodwill or resale shops… I have found pants that are brand new for 3 bucks.
JCP (Worthington), Old Navy for Khakis, Kohl’s for tops. Check your school’s dress code about shirts…we can’t wear anything sleeveless or low cut, so I have invested in a lot of camis and light weight shrugs/cardigans. I teach 1st, so there is a lot of moving around, so I don’t wear heavy sweaters or jackets.
Don’t be frumpy, be stylish, be professional (not too low cut, too short,too revealing) classy
I always wear a culotte slip under a dress. Then I can get down on the rug and up again with no worries.
Delaine You can’t beat dress from Ross! Cute and inexpensive. . The perfect kindergarten combo!
And pockets. You’ll need pockets.
This is the one reason I didn’t want to become a teacher….I didn’t want to dress like one. I wear a lot of old navy maxi dresses and a cardigan. If I get warm, I take off the cardigan.
Ross is my go to plus old navy. Comfortable slacks and really good shoes–love K but you will be physically exhausted by end of day. Dress for comfort, but stay professional. Good luck!
A good pair or sturdy shoes. They are expensive but worth it. Try danskos or clarks.
Lots of stores like Jcrew and Madewell give teacher discounts! Just ask!
Skirts with spandex shorts underneath
Cute black capris and pants. Make sure they are washable!
Fun earrings…overalls with a strand of pearls…seriously, if your nails are clean, hair brushed and you are smiling, be yourself.
Black pants, cute shirts, Comfy dress flats
Good shoes, pants with pockets, enjoy
I love J Crew and Talbots for ballet flats and skirts. But it’s Lilly Pulitzer that makes me feel happy.
Old Navy is always a good, inexpensive shop for teachers
Building temperatures vary a lot, even in new buildings. Plan to dress in layers, so you’re comfortable. Lightweight sweaters are great! I like Foxcroft no-iron blouses, pants, and a pretty necklace. Lands End blouses are good, too – just make sure they’re wrinkle free.
Pockets are very important.
I love my khaki pants and my navy and black knee length skirts. They’re comfy and versatile. I always do a bend over check when I put a new shirt on to make sure I’m not flashing my kids when I lean over to help them with their work. Sometimes I’ll wear a cotton tank underneath. My favorite stores are Old Navy and Loft. Comfy shoes are a must when you’re on your feet all day. Clarks, Dr. Scholls, And Born are some of my go tos.
Kudos to you for asking. We have too many elementary teachers who look like they are dressed for yard work. (I sound old and grumpy, don’t I?)
I wear a lot of maxi skirts and nice soft shirts. I teach art so I’m not on the floor but I taught k, vpk, and 1st for many years! I like the long skirts because I never have to worry about them being too tight or too short … Or legs too unshaven! I shop a lot at target and Burlington. I am pretty poor due to having two of my own children, so if I want to spice things up I do shop local consignment!
Skirt, tank, cardigan almost every day. Crocs are the best shoes for being on your feet all day and they have gotten so cute!
 Check out this blog of outfits this teacher wears. I shop at Target, Ann Taylor Loft, and Maurice’s. I also do a Stitch Fix once or twice a year and make sure to tell them I want dressy but comfortable clothes for school.
Maxi dresses and flip flops for this kinder teacher.
We aren’t allowed flip flops. You need to check your dress code manual before you purchase anything. Slacks and nice comfy shoes for this kinder teacher.
Comfy shoes! Khaki pants, long skirts, black and navy pants, capris, collared shirts ( won’t flash kiddos when you bend over) decent jeans for Fridays and NOTHING that needs dry cleaning! I have taught K and Pre-k so I’m on the floor a lot!
New balance extra wide width shoes, jeans, nice top
I got a ton of clothes at Ross this year to keep it inexpensive. Invested in 3 pairs of slacks from the limited. We can wear jeans too, but I wouldn’t as a student teacher.
Clothes that are definitely wash and wear!! We have a dress code so no flip flops etc. I love trousers, khakis, skirts and comfy tops. Be sure you are covered!! No bra straps or cleavage!!! I love Christopher & Banks clothes for school! Skechers memory foam shoes!!
Ann Taylor Loft. The teacher discount is awesome.
Check the school dress code. If students are not supposed to wear open toe shoes then neither should you. Same goes for shorts or skirt length. Ask your mentor teacher about dress code for adults. Go a little more formal for the beginning of the school year to set the tone with your students. Save shorts for June. I like skorts because you can be on the floor without worrying, but it looks a little nicer than shorts.
Invest in well-made, comfortable, supportive shoes. Sanita and Dansko clogs are my staples.

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