Your Top Tips to Stay Healthy all Year


The Question: Help! I’m a kinder EL teacher and I work with 12 teachers and I’m in and out of classrooms and working with small groups- and I’m constantly battling a cold, cough, sore throat, etc. Any ideas to boost your immune system and stay healthy?


The Answers:


doTerra essential oils.


Thieves oil in a diffuser. Peppermint and lavender also are good. Young living, doterra or from a natural food store.


Just wait 15 years! Your immune system will be terrific! Lol!


This is my 34th year of kinder and preschool.  Waiting is all you can do. Meantime, drink water and take vitamin C.


Hand washing practices for kids


 I swear by Emergen-C! I like it hot, but you can drink it cold. Lots of flavors to choose from.


Probiotics and extra vitamin c!


Probiotics, exercise , good sleep habits and lots of water


Essential oils – I diffuse in the classroom also. We clean tables often with Lysol Wipes, handwashing, and all of the above mentioned items. I held off getting sick until last week!


Exercise!! and drink lots of water


Wash your hands a lot! And yes, your immune system will strengthen with time. During my first year teaching, someone told me it takes 3 years to build up immunity to kid germs again. I very much found this to be true.


Hand washing. Hydrate and sleep!


Start with them. Show them how to properly wash their hands. Also, have them use hand sanitizer frequently. Have then cover their cough when coughing, by coughing in their elbows or using a “Vampire” barrier with their arm, not their hands. I also clean their tables with Lysol or disinfectant when they have left at the end of the day.

10 years and I have built up my immune system. I am constantly washing my hands. I use antibacterial soap very frequently, and especially before I eat. I try not to touch a lot of surfaces after I’ve washed my hands. I use hand sanitizer on a frequent basis as well.

I also try to build my immune system from the inside. I use vitamin supplements and try to get those nutritious veggies and fruits in.


Probiotics and one drop thieves essential oil on your feet daily (diluted).


Maybe you could make a little Kindie booklet that has the words that go something like: “This is the way I cover my sneeze. This is the way I cough in my sleeve. This is the way I wash my hands. This is the way I don’t get any germs.” Have four pictures that they cut and glue onto each page. Put it to the music of the song,”This is the way we _____, so early in the morning.” Substitute the last sentence with “When we come to school.”


We wash the tables 2-3 times a day. Everytime they leave the room, we clean the tables.


Vitamin D3 and zinc


Essential oils for sure


I used to drink an airborne every morning and an emergen-c every day at lunch. I rarely got sick and usually kicked it within a couple of days. I stopped when I got pregnant and never started again. I haven’t gotten sick once this year. So, ya know vitamin c supplements or have a baby. Both were effective for me .


Essential oils and probiotics!

I take a doTerra on guard beadlett everyday.

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