Hello, 2012!

Let’s get ready for a new year in Kindergarten with a fun contest. Simply correctly identify at least one of the photo snippets from Miss Bindergarten’s extensive travels in a comment below, and you will be entered to win.

The prize is a Miss Bindergarten doll from MerryMakers Inc and a darling little sweater for her to wear.

All correct answers will be put in a blue bowl and a winner will be chosen and notified at the end of the week.

Check back often. I will post 3 new photo snippets each week as I have 12 dolls and 6 little sweaters to give away.

Good Luck!


22 thoughts on “Hello, 2012!

  1. I wish not to be in the contest because I would never rob a teacher of an opportunity to win! But let me just say that Miss B rocks. I love the contest and send early congratulations to whomever wins!

  2. So we know that #1 is the prison on Alcatraz, and #2 is SF bay. If I hadn’t looked at any of the posts, I would have guessed that the last snippet could have been the Wasatch Mountains around Provo, Utah, but now I guess I have to say Mt. Shasta in CA lol.

  3. Miss Bindergarten is in Alcatraz Cell Block D, on the boat leaving Alcatraz and Mt. Shasta, leaving Oregon. I love her adventures!

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