Teacher is Getting Married–Let’s talk about it in class!

The Question:
I am getting married this spring and I need some ideas for breaking the news to my class.
The Answers:
Cheryl Talley Johnson
Jake Baked the Cake is a great rhyming story about a wedding.
Jamie Lacourciere Fonseca
 Lilly’s Big Day by Kevin Henkes (same Lilly as Lillys Purple Plastic Purse) is about Lilly’s teacher getting married and Lilly desperate to be her flower girl….
Danielle Ostrowski Gemmell
There is a book titled I Love My Family. The setting is at a wedding. I recently got married and this book is a part of our curriculum. It was a perfect fit for when I returned from my honeymoon! I brought pictures of my wedding for them to see. They LOVED it!
Amy Hofferica Ryan
Well, they definitely should do some geography…Where in the world are Mr and Mrs. ____??? Congratulations!!
Denise Dillman
We always have a wedding of Q and U, complete with wedding cake, punch, gifts (the kids bring something that starts with the letter that they have chosen.)
Allison Grobe Rowe
I perform a wedding for Q and U. I go all out with a ceremony, cake and juice reception and I have the kids dress up. I pick one child to be the groom (Q) and one child to be the bride (U) and I am the officant. Its a fun way for the kids to understand that Q and U are never found apart and always be found together.
Dyanna Alley-Wilson
Have them finish this sentence… Being married means… Make a class book of their responses and illustrations. You may find something in those responses to use in your ceremony!!! Best wishes!!!
Lynn Goers Quick
When I teach Qu we always have a wedding The boy wears a top hat with Q on it. The girl wears a veil with u. We make them promise to be together always. We play the bridal march and take a pic. Then I order a cake that is decorated with flowers and Qu. Each child has a turn. If unevenly matched some get married more than once (the real world:))
Michelle Harmon Adams
The month before I got married I put a wedding theme in my dramatic play center. It was a hit!
Jennifer Setter Antieau
When I got married…we made wedding cookies, did a toast, etc…no cake….though I worked the Monday after I got married and honeymooned when we were on Christmas vacation.
Elisha Wood Wilson
I made a wedding activity book for the children who came to my wedding. It could easily be adapted for the classroom. You can find wedding-themed clip art (black and white) and make a coloring book describing what will happen at the wedding.
Julie Kate Hurst
For my QU wedding, I wanted all of my students to have their chance as brides & grooms. So the boys had Q bowties (made from di-cuts), and the girls had veils. Everyone dressed up, and we had an aisle made from white bulletin board paper. The kids wrote words with qu in them all over the paper. It was low key with funfetti cupcakes & punch, but it was very memorable. The first graders still talk about their “grooms” and “brides.” 🙂
Marie Hanna
Nicole Ulrich Todd
Lilly’s Big Day by Kevin Henkes is a great read-aloud, especially if all the little girls in your class want to be your flower girl!
Marcia Stuckey Hull
Do not read the Miss Spider wedding book it talks about being drunk at the reception and there are other inappropriate comments in the book – I was so disappointed – b/c i have always read other Miss Spider books.
Sherry D’Angelo
You can read…The Wedding by Eve Bunting and Rabbit’s Wedding by Garth Williams
Mary Bates Richter
Writing activities about advice for being married…. what’s it like to be married?…. who would they marry?….. etc.
Tawanna Gibbons Anderson Read “The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacco.” We have a QU wedding near the end of the year and every child chooses a job of one of the Letter People. Examples: A = attendant, B = best man,etc.
Beth O’Gwin
Jake Baked a Cake has a wedding theme. You can do rhyming activities with it.
Amanda Blankenship 
One teacher I worked with was getting married and the class threw the teacher a shower and had a fake wedding. It was cute and her fiance joined in on the fun too!!
Margaret Wall Goins 
I took my dress to school and put it on for them to see!

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