Do you have a great student teacher? Here are gift ideas galore…

The Question:
I need a gift idea for a special student teacher.
The Answers:
Leslie Good
I bought my student teacher a teacher tote bag. Then I went to the dollar store and filled it with items she might need when she got her own classroom (pencils, erasers, stickers, markers, note pads, post-its, some basic classroom decorations like calendar, borders, holiday posters, etc.) It was a big hit!
Lucy Nazarian Bauman
 The last few years I’ve taken a class picture, printed it in 5×7, and matted it in a 11×14 frame. The kids and I signed it. It turns out super cute and it’s not too expensive.
Ann Miller
Have the kids put together a book for her – have them write what they liked the best about your student teacher and illustrate it . This will be kept forever by her, guaranteed!
Melissa Shaw
The tote bag is a great idea, you can have the class sign it with markers too. Be sure to include a book store gift card 🙂
Emily Ray
Alice Mullin
When I was student teaching my cooperating teacher gave me an apron and had each of the students put their painted handprints on the apron. SO cute and I use it almost weekly and it always make me think of my student teaching kiddos!
Oh and with the apron she had each of the kiddos draw a picture of their favorite thing I taught them. The cover of the book was a picture of them. I still have the book and love it!!!
Majean Hackett
 You could have your students bring in items for the tote as well and have them write her a special note to go with their items.
Sara Steward Cooper
I usually buy the book: First Day Jitters and a gift card to amazon…I also buy a 99 cent small photo album, and I have the kids draw a picture on a 4×6 index card for her. I fill the other pages with pictures of the kids and teacher quotes.
Nicole Sharell Perry
When I was student teaching, the class threw me a classroom shower. I received tubs of office supplies, borders, books, etc. I guess it depends on how attached the class is to the student teacher
Trish Ann Darcy Silverman
You could have them do fingerprint pics on the tote
Libby Norris
 a collection of things she can use when she gets a job….desk accessories, pointers etc for her class, computer paper in cute designs, gift cards to teacher supply stores or to places like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc.
Kathleen Robey
 A subscription to Mailbox or Teacher’s Helper.
Laurie Burky Vosicky
I got my student teacher a fleece blanket with pics of him and the class on it. It was from Snapfish. It nearly brought him to tears!
Vicky Adkins Yocum
Gift card to a bookstore!
Laura LaHara
Wrap fake flowers and pens together with green floral tape, then put them in a plastic flower pot with little rocks or beans. Easy to grab pens that look pretty, voila! I still have mine after 5 years from my cooperating teacher! My whole school now uses this idea in each classroom 🙂
Sam Hart
 Gift card to Lakeshore Learning or Walmart!
Jen Staples Rodriguez
 Gift cards are the most useful…
Rocio Sanchez
Gift cards are a good idea. I got mine a Dr. Jean CD. Something small:)
Bob Mcmillen-Torres
 ‎”The New Teacher Book” published by Rethinking Schools Publications.
Lissie Aliotti Antos
 If I were student teaching, I would want either books for read alouds or a Gift card. I got a bunch of supplies I had to pack up and drive 2,000 miles home with. Nice, but inconvenient. 🙂
Katherine Gegner
One year I did a subscription to Mailbox Magazine.
Kristin Murray
 My students and I brought in supplies that she might need in her classroom – stickers, stamps, crayons, glue, border, etc. we then made a bag with everyone’s handprint. We also made a book -“I like Ms. _______ because” and every student filled out a page. I actually still have my book from when I student taught!!!
 Another bag idea – get a black bag and silver fabric marker. The kids write their name and draw their own face! My para loved it last year!
Jennifer Kooy
One of my master teachers got me a gift certificate for a massage. It was exactly what I needed!
Roxanne Lee
 I give mine a canvas or denim bag with the kids handprints and names on it. They love it!!
Emily Petersen Schaub
As a newlywed, I appreciated the fruit basket a cooperating teacher gave me. She got a bushel and asked each student to bring in a piece of fruit. Twenty plus pieces of fruit might be a bit much for a single person though!
Natalie Kiro
In the past, I have given a yearbook that all the kids signed and a tote bag (we did thumbprint ladybugs) full of scholastic books (I used my points to get the books).
Joni Dale Libglid
I like to give my student teachers a canvas bag filled with things they can use when they get their own classroom. A timer, a two sided red/black pen, 2 clipboards with their initials printed on them, a pocket chart, ABC and Math flash cards, a teacher apron, and a framed photo of the students holding up a thank you banner.
Keri Smith Thomas
I always do something professional (like an engraved desk plaque) along with something personal (like a pedicure).
Marie Patterson Hanna
My kids all brought it something small and we placed in basket or tote.
Catherine Cason Rutkoski 
I bought my student teacher a copy of the book, Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden. It is a great book for a new teacher. I inscribed it and had the students each sign it.
Alyson Quaglieri Yoha
 I bought my student teacher several bulletin boards (Oriental Trading) that could be used for any elementary grade level. We also did the class photo- matted and framed- then all the children signed it.
Megan Hopkins Dunkel 
When I was student teaching the teacher got me a sweet tote filled with things I would need in my classroom. It was very helpful when I started my first year of teaching. A friend of mine got a candy jar with the students fingerprints on it. They made the fingerprints into little insects. She uses it as a treat jar in her class now. Too cute!
Melissa K. Harris Armann
I always do a gift basket with things to help start a classroom. September bulletin boards, name plates for desks, etc…
Kelly Petrucci 
A 31 personalized teaching bag filed with all kinds of teacher stuff.
Gwen Nickolaison Strong 
When I was student teaching I got a basket full of office/classroom supplies. Gift cards to a teacher store, or Office Max would be good too!
Lisa Dester Gray 
I gave my student teacher’s gift certificates to a teacher store because they have nothing when they start teaching. I also had the student’s put their hand prints with paint on an apron with several pockets and their names so they would always remember the first class they taught.

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