We LOVE using the Daily 5 in Kindergarten!

The Question:
My school is thinking about trying the Daily 5 next year…I am trying to get an understanding of how the timeline would work in kindergarten…I just can’t imagine starting the year with it. How would they use just right books when they might not even know the letters?? I would love any advice/thoughts/websites that are helpful.
The Answers:
Christina Lambert Powell 
Read the book. It’s a very easy read and very explanatory. I have used it in kindergarten for 3 1/2 years now. Works great.
Sher Shelton Neel
 Check out Pinterest for some great help. We do it in kinder and LOVE IT!! Best thing we have done in a long time. This was our third year. We start about 3 weeks into school. Get a feel for the kiddos first. The training them is the HARDEST part! Don’t RUSH IT!!! If you do, it doesn’t work correctly. Good luck and have fun!
Deb Haffner 
We don’t start it until semester & then we slowly begin swapping a Daily 5 center with other centers. It can work, but must be adapted. The procedures & expectations must be taught & it will go well.  Jessica Meacham has some anchor charts that help, it shows what the teacher will do and what the kids do at that time.
Stacy Wilker 
We made lots of charts for the kids to read at first: counting, letters, names, songs from calendar, nursery rhymes and predictable charts. They love them!
Teresa Martinez
 There’s a process. You teach them that there are 3 ways to read…then there’s a whole building stamina process….which was rough for my big group….but spending that extra time at the beginning of the year pays off for the rest of the year with classroom management. I love it!
Jodi Graham Demorest 
I believe seeing the bigger picture is important here. The daily five and cafe are about creating a discourse in the classroom of differentiated learning. Surely the Kinders will come in with different needs. Word work will be a large chunk of time. Some will have letters or rhyming materials in their boxes whereas some will be ready for the books. Using the language of the daily five along with classroom procedures will pay off as they all become readers. And your first grade teachers will thank you.
Ann Spencer
 We start the “Read to Self” part in the first week of kindergarten — it is wonderful!! Read the book — it explains everything.
Ad Nerb
 ‎3rd year doing it…takes lots and lots of patience and tons of modeling. You can start off with picture books in their book boxes. I teach them first table rotation first few weeks of school, then integrate the centers. Time in each center gradually increases….good luck
Michelle Haederer-Zurick 
The primary grades in my district all started it this year! We LOVE it! It is so amazing and over half of my class is ending the year way above level in reading:). The children cheer when I say it is time for daily five. We are half day and do daily five each day. Here is how it worked for us: We call it daily four: 1. Read with teacher. 2. Read to self. 3. Listening/computer/iPads. 4. Word work book/journals. — we have it for a half hour a day. Each child gets to two stations a day and then complete the other two the next day. We started building stamina with 5 minutes a day in September. And started with groups at ten minutes each around end September /early october. My classes have just soared with it:). It is super easy to manage also! Love it!!
Michelle Lauver Schaeffer 
They could use wordless picture books, simple ABC books that have words/labels to go with things for each letter of the alphabet, and poetry binders with familiar songs/chants/finger plays/nursery rhymes that they can “read”. Since there are 3 ways to read a book in Daily 5 (read the words, read the pictures, and retell the story) they could also have familiar books that they could retell after having heard them read aloud to them.
Michelle Lauver Schaeffer 
I also agree with those who have said not to rush thru the “training” part and building stamina at the beginning of the year. I made that mistake my first year I tried Daily 5. As for the poetry binders, if you do shared reading with 2-3 new poems, songs, etc. each week and they practice reading them to self/others during Daily 5, your kids will end up with a binder full of things they can read fluently by the end of the year!
Liz Cooper
 We have been doing it for 2 years. WE LOVE IT!! Don’t hesitate in starting it. We start about 2 weeks in with them reading to self with “picture books” and familiar reads. It takes a while to build stamina… One of the things I have done is to ask that they bring their “favorite” book to open house. We put it in their book box as their first book to read!! It gets easier every year!! If you are excited about it they will be excited about it!!
Becky Waind 
‎4th year of D5 in K.  You will be surprised at how well your kiddos WILL do.  The book is a must!  Follow it & take it slow!  We begin by the 6th week usually and take it  s l o w, so that we are into all the groups and expectations by Thanksgiving (or so;)  Give it time & good luck!
Monica Carter Weatherly
 We do this and can’t imagine doing anything differently. They just read the pictures and can look for letters or words they already know!
Teresa Jacoby 
We did daily 5 the very first day of school with read to self training…it takes a lot of patience to train but it is successful..next we added word work and journals then technologies…the kids love it and get disappointed if we don’t do it
Teresa Jacoby 
My kids have 10 books in their baskets and at least 3 are their level and then they choose 7 on their own…remember that even if it is above their level they can read the pictures.
Lisa Doiron
 Never believed in daily 5; but realized I did most of it via centers. But my crew this year rocks at reading to self! Just introduced reading with a partner- my kids loved!!!! Believe great approach but def second half of year to introduce! Kids easily buy into!!!!!
Celina Norris Davis
 We have adapted it to work for us.
Jennifer Thompson
 I did not think the Daily 5 would be good in Kindergarten but they do well.. I just follow the mini lessons in the book at the start and make your anchor charts.. Even though they can’t read I drew pictures and they go the idea…
Jessica Moffitt Barnes 
I love it, I start right away. You just have to change your activities to fit your needs. I also use the cafe and have seen so much improvement in my student’s reading abilities this year. The website is a wonderful reference also! Good luck!
Denise Baker Dillman
 I’m just now reading the book, but am wondering how to determine the good fit books and how to get them all so that I will be ready to start next year?????
Nancy Nixon Baldwin
 Procedures over and over!
Cynthia Velis 
I’ve presented several trainings on d5 this year. Inbox me after june.
Amy Yokley
 Read the book! Check out the sister’s website. I’ve been doing it for 3 years in kindergarten. My students are readers at every level! It is awesome!
Diane Dickson Hanson 
You must read the book. It will take you through 20 days of just practicing. Also it talks about “reading” pictures.
Trisha Marceau Kent
 I actually just went to a workshop on the daily 5. I bought the book and I have read it. I teach kindergarten and I plan on trying to implement it next year. I find that it can easily be implemented. If you read the book it talks about how reading with a partner or reading silently can mean reading the pictures. Children are still developing literacy and reading skills by reading the pictures. Instead of working with words, students can work with letters. There are pieces I plan to change for my kindergarten classroom next year, but I cannot wait. Have you read the book? I highly recommend it because you definitely gain a clearer understanding and automatically think how you could adapt it. Check out youtube and pinterest too, there are some great resources.
Laurie Burky Vosicky
 I use it in kdg and I start it on the first day of school. Forget about the just right books until a little later in the year when they are reading. At the beginning of the year, teach them how to “read” a book using the pictures. They can then do the read to self and read to someone activities. Once they are reading you can put books on their level in there book box for them as well. D5 has been a great success in my Kdg classroom! And the discipline and stamina carries over into other areas throughout the day as well. My behavior problems have been cut in half! Love it!!
Bette LoPresti 
This is my 3rd year using Daily 5. I start it on the first day of school. I just follow the plan from the book which teaches the 3 ways to read a book. When I give the kids their book boxes I put an alphabet book in everyone’s box, several level A books, and they keep their poetry folder in there too. When I teach the 3 ways to read a book, I explain that they can retell a story I have read, and try to read a lot of books that have rhyme, rhythm, and repetition in the first few weeks and then I let the kids pick from my book holder where I keep the books I have already read. This way, they can “read” the book by retelling the story. Building stamina is really essential. And if the kids start to “forget” how to do the activities, you do mini-lessons to practice the right way to do them to get them back on track. I have tons of books since I have been teaching for years, our school dismantled our book resource room to get more books into our classrooms, so I have a lot of books that are at the level A through level D for the beginning readers. Plus I have a favorite thrift shop where I can get really nice books for less than a dollar so I have a lot of books for them to choose from. Also, as I introduce the little books from our reading series, they can keep them in their boxes for a few weeks until they are ready for harder books. As so many others have said, just go slowly in the beginning, and back up if you see they are not following the procedures. And have fun with it!
Janet Husung 
I adapted it and called it the daily 3. I took out the manips. and made plastic bags of books for each month. Last year worked wonderfully. This year did not but I had a long term sub in the beginning of the year.
Pam Brown Whitney 
I start the first day. The key early in the year is the 3 ways to read a book lesson. It works, and it is amazing to see Kinders absorbed in their books around the room. Don’t worry about just right books at the beginning.
Katie McDonald 
Does anyone have a subscription to the daily 5 cafe website? just wondering if it is worth spending the money to join. I have never used daily 5, but am going to read the book and maybe try it next year.

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