What are Your Two Favorite CDs?

The Question:
If you could only have 2 new CDs in your kindergarten classroom, which ones would you choose?
The Answers:
Wendy Lee
 Dr. Jean and Dr. Jean….ANY of hers!
 Not an easy question….at all!!!! 🙂
Misty White Snow 
Jodi Peacock
Betsy Walton Munn
Kelly Haynes 
Jack Hartmann (Math All Around Me and a language arts one. Too hard to chose just one) and Heidisongs sight word songs!!!!!!! But choosing two is super hard!
Kari Crane May 
Ohhh tough one! I would say my songs for Wiggle Worms cd and Jack Hartmann, but it is a toss up between Transition Train and Movin’ to Math!
Jessy Ciochon Kirmer 
Katie Williams 
Jack Hartmann all the way!
Melissa K. Harris Armann
 All Through the Day by Dr. Jean and the Dr. Jean one that has the subtraction song about the monkeys.
Shalea Singleton Addison 
Dr. Jean and Thomas Moore
Tracy Reed Jackson
 Jack Hartmann!!!! But I love his DVDs even more. And HeidiSongs. Play those daily.
Tina Rapp Adamson
 Heidisongs Math for sure, but the DVD,… And, Dr. Jean, anything!
Mindy Hicks-Arriaga
Andrea Bortner On Youtube you can access a lot of Dr. Jean songs and a lot of Jack Hartmann songs that have even been animated! I love “When You Subtract With a Pirate” 🙂
Betsy Cate
 Shari Sloane and Stephen Fite…even better than Dr.Jean.
Denise Triplett Sexton
 www.heidisongs.com FANTASTIC resource for teaching sight words!
Elizabeth Ann 
JoAnn Hurt Hartmann
And Heidisongsfor me: Alphabop and sight words.
Sabrina Burrows Blumkin
 Putumayo Sing Along and Scholastic ABC (comes with big book)
Kendra Wolfe Jack Hartmann!!!!!!
Shantelle Marie
 Kids bop latest version and Dr. Jean
Cathy Moses Buck
Kristen Fuller
 Greg & Steve We All Live Together Vol. 2 & Heidisongs  Sight Words, Volume 1
Joyce Huddleston Johnson Raney
Sharel Nelson
 Definitely Jack Hartmann and  Laurie Berckner
Missy Gannon Kacy
 Kenny Loggins “House on Pooh Corner” (there are 2 CDs) and  something classical (Pachelbel Canon, Bach, or Brahms)
Sandi Smith 
Dr.Jean’s Kiss Your Brain and Nature Sounds for Independent Writing
Gretchen Derkits Woodard
Roxanne Lee
Elaine Kindl
Jennifer Nolen
 Shari Sloane and Jack Hartmann   for sure!
April Cote
 Barenaked Ladies Snacktime cd and piano tribute to Enya. The snacktime cd has really funny kid songs on it and the piano music is great to write to.
Kim Deibert
Diane Trepiccione Dean 
Stephanie Gault Albarez
Only 2??? Raffi ‘Singable songs for the very Young’ and Dr Jean, either ‘Sings Silly Songs’ or ‘Keep on Singing and Dancing’
Beth Binyamina Kleinman
 Greg & Steve We All Live Together Volume 2 has songs that I used daily for calendar math: months of the year, number rock, days of the week, plus a favorite of mine: The World is a Rainbow. It also has some great songs in case you have to have indoor recess: Freeze, The Boogie Walk (bunny hop) and popcorn. Love it!
Second choice: Jack Hartmann’s “Shake, Rattle and Read” cd, because I used the “Ready to Read” song to start my reading lesson. Also recommended: “Mr. Al A La Carte” CD. It has some nice songs for getting children energized in the afternoon, when they might be getting sleepy.  Don’t overlook Mr. Al: he is fabulous. By the way, if you have the opportunity to go to one of his trainings, do! They are fun!
 Also, just f.y.i.- one summer, I made a CD with all the songs I needed throughout the day, in the right order. It was very convenient to have! I found the songs on iTunes. So worth it!
Sarah Hudson
 I love Hap Palmer and Raffi!
Kristen Madson Ryan
Stephanie Biggins-Pacheco
 Greg and Steve We All Live Together, volume 2 and the Learning Station Loopty Loo.
Julie Berry Choudhary
How do I pick just two? Hap Palmer and Ella Jenkins for the oldies but goodies. Dr. Jean rocks! Greg & Steve! Dr. Thomas Moore sings some of my favorites. Oh, I can’t wait for NAEYC this year to get more CD’s signed!
Ann Miller
 Dr. Jean – we listen to her EVERY single day!!!!!
Tracie Fournier Kroeger 
Love Dr. Jean and Greg and Steve- can’t go wrong with any of them
Terri Takii 
Greg and Steve Volume 2? (Good Morning song) and the moving one with “Warmin’ Up!”
Anne Aycock Pulley 
Hap Palmer (the one with Sammy), Greg and Steve vol. 2 (and I know its 3 but my kids this year love Fandigumbo.
Deborah Belcher
 Gotta be Jack Hartmann, but it would be hard to just choose 2 – Shake, Rattle and Read has 2 great alphabet teaching songs, ABC Disco and Learning Letter Sounds, I love the 2 Nursery Rhyme collections and Movin’2 Math is great for teaching math skills.
Ann Spencer
 Jack Hartmann — so many good ones! We sing “Ready to Read” every morning– from “Shake Rattle and Read”
Amy Ragozine Canterino 
Sara Denicola Thornton
 Jack Hartmann (probably Transition Time with the Penguin dance, clean up songs, brain music aka 60 beats per minute) and Greg & Steve…not sure which volume though!
Donna Wangen Johnson 
Both of Shari Sloane’s cd’s are awesome. She even has pictures and words to make them into books on her website. My students love her songs!

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