Can’t Use your Ceiling for Decor? Try these ideas!

The Question:
I found out yesterday that I can no longer hang anything from the ceiling in my classroom. I’m having a very hard time with this new rule! 

What is a kindergarten class going to be without all my center signs, table members, not to mention all my cute hanging art projects??? Any ideas around this one?

The Answers:
Toni Carroll Kerr 
And why not???? What is the reasoning behind that?!
Michelle Roscoe Spatafora
Toni we have never been able to because of sensors for our alarms.
I use these:
Jenny Knatz Eberle 
Nope. Same for us. Fire hazard.
Julie Blalock Hansen
 We are permitted to hang a heavy duty wire from wall to wall (only 2 per classroom though) and we use clothes pins to attach signs and art work.
Laurie Burky Vosicky 
Can you run a clothesline or wire across your room (wall to wall) Putting it up higher & closer to the ceiling would have a similar effect.
Kristen Fuller 
We can’t either, due to motion sensors. You get used to it! I post my group charts on the wall in a handy dandy pocket chart. And my center signs are attached to the wall near that center.
Magnetic Pocket Chart Squares ;Beyond versatile! Use the 4 charts alone, connect
 vertically or horizontally with hook-and-loop fasteners to make a larger chart!
Heather Leckey
For table names….use toilett plungers!! Tape the name to the handle part and it will be like a flag in the middle of the table!!
Jean Ringenberg
 We are limited to what we can hang but have to spray anything that hangs with a fire retardant spray. (not the art projects, just the string/yarn/other decorative items. Only 10% of ceiling space can be covered according to our fire code and nothing near doorways or windows.
Ryan Ward 
I took over a classroom with hanging stuff. I hated it and it was the first thing to go. Mounting tape is my best friend.
Cheri Dodson Smith 
I use a clothesline that I got at Ikea…it is a wire…and comes with great little clamps to hang art on.but have also hung up a regular clostheline….for tables and centers, use little stands on the tables…
Missy Gannon Kacy
 For table numbers and things, I’ve used inexpensive plastic frames (8x10ish) in the center of each table. You can also use these to name center activities, or put simple directions for centers in!
Sara Steward Cooper
We are only supposed to have 25% of walls covered. Nothing on windows, nothing from ceiling. You learn really quickly what’s important. I don’t have center signs, the kids don’t “need” them. After two weeks they will know where to go…
Laurie Counihan Brown
 The “closeline” idea is a good one…. I think that the IKEA one is actually marketed as some kind of gallery/display. I have used it at certain not-for-profit events as a way to display a lot of different things (provided that they aren’t too heavy). It works great…. as long as you are permitted to anchor it properly in the opposing walls 🙂
Lauren White 
Only 25% of walls covered! Thats a prison not a classroom!! Not that every inch of wall covered but come on!!
Maggie Beattie 
There is always some obstacle. Yet teachers always persevere! So clever & resourceful 😀
Cindy Loowho Barr Demchuk 
Hang ‘power lines’ across (a strong string from wall to wall) and attach stuff to that – technically not hanging from the ceiling…Good luck!!!!
Melissa K. Harris Armann
 We have the same thing from our fire marshall. For the things we used to hang from the ceiling we put a clothes line in the hall with the words “Hanging out with Kindergarten.” It is not as cute as the stuff that used to hang from the ceiling, but it will do.
Ashley Schirripa Henderson 
Bulletin boards and tack strips
Lisa Gugliotti Flanagan 
Mavalus Tape is amazing!!! Google it, but it can be addicting!
Raelyn Jansky
 My center signs are down on eye level–on the wall or center itself. I use colored tape to section off tables into personal space which serves as my table labels. I can hang some from my ceiling but try not to since its a distraction for the ADHD/ADD kids. We all must hang work samples in the hall and also in the classroom so I dedicated a smaller bulletin board to that and the doors of my cabinets. You’ll get used to it.
Cheryl Dycio
 I am short and don’t like to climb up and down ladders to hang stuff so I use wall space as much as I can. Put things in the hallway or send it home.
Diane Tetzner
 As far as table members- attach names to a basket & place in center of table.
Center signs could be displayed on popsicle stick easels ( found on Pinterest).
Artwork will have to go on the walls.
My principal is also a volunteer fire fighter so his eye is on those sort of things as well = hanging things from the ceiling that is.
Sharon Poll Feldman 
I use my windows as bulletin boards. I also use the backs of cabinets as dividers and then tape things to them…cabinet doors too.
Nola Boyd 
Change is always hard, but probably harder on the teacher than the kids. My classroom at the time of my retirement was very different from the time I started teaching. When I first started teaching, I had a “theme”, things hanging from the ceiling, draped on walls, lots of environmental print, etc. But due to increased scrutiny by fire departments for the safety of the children, my classroom environment changed over the years. Nothing within 18″ of the ceiling, nothing hanging, some percentage of paper allowed on the wall. But in the long run, it didn’t matter. I adapted, the kids never noticed and learning went on…
Jamie Butterfield Berube 
I’ve read that items hanging from the ceiling is very distracting for students with adhd and sensory issues. So maybe it will be a good thing and make the room more calming and enjoyable for all students. I don’t hang things from my ceiling.
Laura LaHara
Abby Berlage 
Clotheslines under the ceiling…
Barbara Generous Doty
 Can you hang clotheslines from one wall to another? I displayed a lot of the children’s work that way.
Erin Brandon 
We aren’t allowed to either because of fire hazard and also because of the sensors they put in our rooms. I bought those photo clip holders at the dollar store and hot glued them to the baskets on my tables.

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