Is There Still Time for Fingerplays? YES!

The Question:
I’m starting my 37 1/2 year teaching kindergarten. Are you K teachers still doing finger plays?
The Answers:
Gwen Mathis Thecoolmom 
Yes! Absolutely. The kids love them and get excited about learning through them.
Erin Walter Lloyd 
I wish he had time to do them! Kindergarten is the new 1st grade…. 2nd, even, in some ways!
Jen Coyne
 I agree with Erin – no time :o(
Aimee Schneider
Elizabeth Brown 
There’s always time for fingerplays!!!
Jessica Marie 
All day long, between things and at transitions. Helps keep them occupied while others might still be cleaning up etc. We use them as attention getters…if you sing one that gets quieter as it finishes then, when you are done, they are all ready and paying attention.
Lora Pruden
 Love them!
Susan Heller Fisher
 Yes!!!! I use them as attention getters—–kindergarten may be the new 1st grade, but they are still 5 years old. Somehow, you need to get their attention.
Tina Marie Suleiman
 I used to use more…I would love a list of a few cute ones…any good sites?
Liz Andersen
 If I knew more I would do them,  but I am sadly ignorant!
Kim Williams Heumann
 Wish we could, but like Erin said no time. It’s hard fitting all the required things into the day.
Sarah Hudson 
Yes, all day long as well. Transitions, lining up after recess, etc.
Karen Barry
 I would love some new ones, is there a good site out there?
Molly Culberson Mosely 
Daily…try Mailbox Magazine. I have one book from them that is organized by seasons. Also, preschool sites have lots. You can google some, just search for anything like Halloween fingerplays, and you find so many! They are great for circle time and like many of you said…the BEST way to get every eye on you!
Patti Brady Greenwood 
Slide them in whenever we can! Would love some good, new material!
Lisa Ogden Banuelos 
You betcha!!!!
Carol Fenley
 All the time. Still great and still works to settle children down.
Juli Benson McCarlson 
37 years! Congratulations and God’s blessings to you!!
Danica Massey Firth
Ad Nerb
 I’d like to….but no time. However I’d like to use as transition begins… any good sites in Spanish??
Julianne Delaway
 37 years!?!?! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!
Christine Slammcakes-Wolfrum 
firstly…. 37 years is inspirational!!!!! secondly..yes….thirdly…..what are some great transition ones that everyone uses?
Carolynne O’Neal
 I’m starting my 26th year. So sad to say I don’t get to do it alot anymore.
Angie Bauer Erickson 
I love them, the kids love them, and the parents giggle when the kids sing them at home. Excellent transitions!!!
Stephanie J Sandford 
Not unless they start putting them on the F-CAT 😦
Anne Aycock Pulley 
Yes! 27 years and counting. There is always time, especially during transitions. I also do nursery rhymes. My class can recite 5 already. How can that NOT help their brains to develop (and get ready for the LOVELY tests) It only takes a few minutes -lining up, waiting for lunch lady, bus, etc.
Jennifer North Koel 
Fingerplays belong in kindergarten regardless of the pushed down curriculum. 5 year olds are still 5! Keep them coming!
Bettina McCoy
Nadine Inglis Berger
 I keep forgetting about them…I’m busy with Jack Hartman and Dr. Jean trying to get them to count and do letter sounds.
Amy McDonough
Darla Schmidt Epperson
 Yes! So fun as a group to watch them use their hands in trying to coordinate the movements! Definitely helpful for fine-motor. I’m in my 33rd year!
Cindy Tuisku
 They are easy to squeeze in while students are coming to the carpet or lining up, so I love them! Helps kids keep their hands off one another when they are busy doing fingerplays!
Susan Parker Lauer 
I love finger plays and songs. They are a great part of teaching K!
Joanne Dunphy Baudin 
Absolutely!! The only way I can get their attention most days.
Loise Perkins 
Hope so!
Amy Kress I always do them in conjunction with music and storytime- but this year I recommitted to doing one “Oldie But Goodie” every morning. My Ipad savvy Kinders LOVE Tommy Thumb and Thumbkin- not to mention there are several more as part of the HWT curriculum. I’m not sure why so many people cut them. . . Rhyming and reciting are part of state standards, and finger isolation is an important part of building motor skills like holding a crayon and printing.
Deb Haffner
 Been in K since 1976 & still LOVE five year olds! Yes, fingerplays, songs & movement will always be worked into my day. CCS & shove down of first grade curriculum, but I integrate all over the place! I once heard Dr. Jean & she totally supports us…if we sing Tooty Ta…we are really doing beginning sounds. You can totally relate fingerplays to CCS!
Beth Binyamina Kleinman
 Keep on doing them! They can definitely be integrated into your day and add some good old-fashioned charm to the kindergarten classroom. Plus, they are educational.

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