Can your Kindergartners Log-In?

The Question:
I would like to know if there are other districts requiring kindergartners to master logging in on a computer. And, if yes, then how do they teach them to do it effectively?
The Answers:
 We put star stickers on the ctrl, alt, delete so we tell them to push the 3 stars at one time and everyone has the same log in and password so we can say one thing at a time while they log in. Hope that makes sense.
 At our school all K students have the same login. This way we can do it together. It takes weekly practice, but after several weeks they can do it independently.
Yep. Every Kdg student has to type in their own ID number (9 numbers) and then they have to type in their birthdate (6 numbers) to log in. It’s a slow going process that just takes practice, practice, practice. We make cards for the students to look at, and eventually by January most students begin telling us they know their numbers and don’t need their cards.
 Log on, log off…. Log on, log off…. Repeat!! They’ll get it!
 We also have cards they use to help them. Even those who have not mastered letters or numbers can match their login to the keyboard.
 Big giant teacher made keyboard on the floor to practice for the first months
 The  first 2-4 times we go to computer lab, I have a 5th grade class come with us. They help the kids practice typing their student id number (9 digits) and the password. Each student has a large index card with their log in and password on it. I also send a card home and ask the parents to help them practice. About half of my class can now log in without their cards. I still have two that we always have to help.
It’s not required BUT I make cards for them I put a space between every 2 number/letters to break it up.
This is not a big deal and some are very good at it. I train my students k and 1 to turn on, log on and shut down.
Melanie Rector 
We give them their username and password on a card.
 I color code their username and password, all in caps so it matches the keyboard
 My kids do it! They have a 7 digit # (their student #) and then a 6 digit birthday month/full year as password. Not all do but most all will be successful by the end of the year. I already have 1 that can do it without the card. I type their name, their log in (I split it up like this 12 34 567 so there is a space between the numbers).
I have parents who are dying to volunteer so I have them come with us to the computer lab to help those who are still struggling with this.
I send home a picture of the keyboard with their login to practice as homework!
 P-K CCSS Standards
 give an incentive 🙂:)
 Wow. The district would have to first provide computers. Am I living in a cave?
We use last name first name as username and their 7 digit I’d number plus the first 2 letters of our district and an exclamation point – it’s a lot because of the upper/ lower case letters!
 Our students log into programs such as I-Station and Think Central Math with their district number ( 7 digit – “lunch” number) and a 6 digit birth month and year password. It takes a while for them to get it. Not there yet at 44 days.
Be grateful Jan. sounds like that’s a good cave to be in:)
 Try having their login and password in front of them each time they login.
 Ours does too, we have their login and password in front of them. Most of them are getting better.
Our district doesn’t require it, but I teach mine to do it to make my life easier. My students have a nine digit number to learn. I put it on an index card. I log them in until the beginning of October. Then I let them start doing it themselves. Most of mine are able to do it with the card in front of them.
 I write their login (last name and first initial) in all caps to match the keyboard. I use green stars stickers on the enter key and yellow star stickers on the tab key. After they put their username in, they have to push the yellow star to tab. Their password is numerical and then they push the green enter key. By November most can do it without the card/help! 🙂:)

4 thoughts on “Can your Kindergartners Log-In?

  1. Every kindergarten has a buddy class. Ours is a fifth grade class. We have them meet us at the lab for two consecutive sessions (half-hours) and they teach my kids to log in and log out. This works perfectly!! (Everyone has their own 6-character log in, and 3-character password.)

  2. In our district each student has their own username and password. It does take time but they are all able to do it from my class.

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