Teaching Colors to Kinders

The Question:
I thought my kiddos were good on color words until today.
I need a few new ideas to help teach/reinforce color words
The Answers:
 Frog Street Press Music CD…Color Words. R-E-D Red, R-E-D Red, I can spell red, I can spell red, fire trucks are red, stop signs are red too…R-E-D, R-E-D. 🙂:)
 If you can get onto morestarfall.com they have a great color words section….it’s totally worth the $ investment!
There’s a whole set of those songs on the web too… (to the tune of happy birthday): G-R-E-E-N G-R-E-E-N I know how to spell green, G-R-E-E-N. Caterpillars are green and grasshoppers too, I know how to spell green, G-R-E-E-N. Matching games are good (give each kid 10 index cards, have them color the cards in pairs, one color per card, and have them turn over the cards to play concentration, naming the colors at each turn… you can send the cards home).Have them paint shapes in buddy pairs and name the colors to each other.
Frog Street Press, I’ve used them for years.
– I have ping pong balls with the words written on them. I flash them in small groups, the one to read it first, I throw it to. The one w/ the most balls wins. Many videos on YouTube…HaveFunTeaching has many good ones for sight words & Math, numbers.
 We also tell them to read their crayon wrappers.,.
Kristen Fuller
 Here’s a color word freebie from my TpT Store. 🙂:)http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Ducky-Colors-A-Book-of-Color-Words-Common-Core-Aligned Check the site for more color word freebies! I also spell the color of their square/jacket/shirt to excuse them to line up or go to a table. ie “If you are sitting on a R-E-D square you may walk to line.
 A matching game: color to color word; have each child choose 5 colors to write on sticky notes and then go around the class and stick their words on objects of that color; color by number sheets (they have to read the color words to be able to complete these); play an oral game where you spell a color and the class guesses the word (or first one to guess gets a prize/sticker/etc); put Twister in a center, but spell the words out on the spinner instead of using the colored one; make two flash cards for each color, hand out at random, and have kids find their partner and then tell their color; Google (or make) a free, simple book using color words for each kid to make and color (ex: I am green. I am red. I am blue.)
 Dr. Jean’s Color Farm Song.
Heidi’s Songs Sing and Spell CD with the color words! My kids LOVE them.
 Color word songs work great for my group!
 Color word songs and little word bags to send home with their popcorn words and color words in them for review.
Frog Street Press is awesome! I also play tornado with the words. Write the color words out in individual squares red on red paper, green on green paper, etc. then they cut each individual square. All colors are in a baggy and they mix them all up…we call that part tornado. Then they sort by color and spell the color word out. They love this “game” and I send the baggies home for extra practice!
 We use Frog Street Press also. You can find awesome videos with these songs on YouTube!!! They really work!!
Now I will be singing these songs all morning 🙂:)
 We use Frog Street Press too, and I love Dr. Jean’s song, but my favorite is Heidi Songs (www.HeidiSongs.com) I started using her DVDs last year and it was the first time almost all of my kids knew their color words by the first grading period. She also has some awesome freebies on her blog.
 We’ve used the color songs on You tube. They show the colors and the spelling. My kids remember them better than I do. (My one year old great nephew loves them, too!)
 I have all of them on a playlist on my youtube channel – katiemcdonaldrhes
 For my kiddos who had trouble I bought fruit loops. They had to match the color word to the colored fruit loop then they got to eat it. Of course its not all the right colors, but it was a start.
HeidiSongs DVD (Sight Words-Volume 2) and I just found this (and it’s free!)
Sarah Flores
 I have crayons with the word printed on our focus wall for our boring meeting. I will ask the children “what color is spelled R E D? ” It has really helped reinforce the color words. I have these dittos from enchanted learning that I got a while back ago and they are seasonal. When I have the children work on them I have them read the color words, but I underline the color word and the color it asks for. For example ” I can color the turkey brown.” I just assessed them on their colors and I got a 100% accuracy!!! It was more like 25% at the beginning so it does help. I do this all year to keep reinforcing the color words. The parents have mentioned that on some of the homework I send, they do not even need to read the directions to the children because they can identify the color words accurately. In addition I made up twelve songs for the colors. I will be more than happy to share them with you. Inbox me your email address and I will let you have a copy. It really works. My son’s pre-k teacher taught them the color words using little songs (that was 13 years ago) and I couldn’t remember all of the songs so I made up my own!!! I will also include pic of the visuals I made to go along with the songs. 🙂:)
I have a game I made for math centers. I have the color bears sorted in crystal light containers with a piece of colored construction paper and the color word written on the container. I made a color sheet with a box below each color word. They have to write the amount of bears in each box. I change up the amounts for practice counting and writing numbers. I decorated it with bears and put the numbers on it for copying. This could work for other counters by themes which I plan on adding in.
 Love the collaboration. Technology is great, but people make the greatest improvements in education.
Frog street color songs, color word search, daily quick and easy color word review (write on board with appropriate dry erase color marker and review with whole group), dry erase board color word writing practice, color chart (on chart paper, students name things that are always (color) and teacher draws the picture, etc. It is simply review review review and practice practice practice!

One thought on “Teaching Colors to Kinders

  1. Red is the short baby word and babies love red and notice bright colors, yellow has two tall sticks in the middle pointing up to the yellow sun, orange has an o like the shape of an orange at the beginning and you drink orange juice at the beginning of the day, green is straight across like you cut grass and greena and grass both start with gr, purple has 2 ps hanging down and graped grow hanging down, then you have the ‘b’ careful words left, they all start with b. Blue and black both start with b but blue has a u that looks like a bucket that catches blue water, black has the word chunk ‘ack’ on the end and my daughter broke a pen on her carpet that had black ink and I said ‘ack!” , brown has an o in the middle like someones face in the middle of summer and some childrens faces get brown in summer. I also start with 2 colors and make color word pages. Then I add another color word, then another.

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