Past the 100th Day? Keep on COUNTIN’!

The Question:
Every morning we colored in one number on our hundred chart until we reached the hundredth day. Now there is a little void in our routine. Does anyone expand past 100 or do something similar?
The Answers:

I have the students count by 5s, then circle all the fives with yellow since our number line has yellow dots above all the fives. We count by 10s and circle the 10s with a different color (blue) since our number line has blue dots above the 10s.  Finally, we circle all the 2s with red since our number line has red dots above the 2s. We also decide if numbers are odd or even, then count up to the number by 2s if it is even, etc.

Also, we count down the 80 days left of school and move the arrow each day.

Counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s.
Start to Count backwards
We keep right on going till the end!
 Use it to count by 10’s, 2’s, 5’s, etc. You can use loud, soft, silly voices to switch it up as well. It helps with the patterns & recognition of the higher numbers. Hope this helps.
We count down from 80….my students put a coconut on the palm tree to 100, then on day 101, I tell them they have 80 (79) days left of school….so we take a coconut down until June!
Yes! I mark the last day of school on that same chart. Which for us it is 75. Then I start ERASING the marks we made starting with number one each day and we start counting DOWN to the last day of school. I use this quite a bit when kids aren’t following rules etc. to show them they don’t have many days left before their first grade teachers are going to expect them to know or do certain things. Not in a threatening way, but it really makes them think.
Go backwards! Erase and count how many days of school are left!
We count backwards too. My kids like saying “5,4,3,2,1 Blast off into 1st grade!”
There are also 1-200 charts….. You can circle the last day of school to avoid confusion and keep on counting
Cover a number each day. And the kids have to figure out which number is missing and explain how they know.
Make a paper chain of the remaining days and tear one off each day. The children love counting backwards and watching the chain get smaller and smaller.
You could backtrack now and, depending if there are 178 or 180 days in your school year, black out the numbers going backward the additional amount of days, OR start at 1 and black out the number to 78 or 80, (having circled or marked somehow the last day of school.)
I use two of the 100 pocket charts and keep going until 180.
Adding machine tape to mark off days, counting backward, until the last day.
We start focusing on subtracting a number each day to count to summer. We skip count by 2,5,10’s.


We keep on going! Learning to count past 100!


We go backwards and say “yo, yo, yo, only 75 to go!” And count down to the last day of school.


I use a place value pocket chart as well as a hundreds chart. I keep going with the place value chart and use the hundreds chart for counting practice by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s. I also cover a number and have the students try to figure out which number is “missing.”


Please keep counting!! The first grade teachers will love you for it!


I keep going to the last day. We use ten frames.


Start counting how many days are left in school…I had a pocket chart, and we flipped the numbers over until we got to zero. You can make a paper chain and take one off each day until there aren’t any left. Counting backwards is important for subtraction.


Counting backwards to the last day is what we do.


I actually wait until the new year and count 100 days into the new year. This always takes the special day away from February when we have conferences, Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day, etc. We will be having our 100 Days of 2013 on April 10th. On April 11th, the 101st day, my 101 year old grandmother will come and visit! After we reach the 100th day, I have the children draw a card to select the coins we will count to $1 and then we count pennies by 1’s or 2’s, nickels by 5’s, dimes by 10’s, and quarters by 25’s OR the silly 100 way: One, two, skip a few (point to a number in the 4’s row higher than 14) 44, skip some more, 100! I keep the coins in a cash register and one child moves the coins while another child points to the numbers on the 100 grid.


I keep going!

Lynne Murray Smith 

I keep counting, and add a 1 in front of each of the previous numbers. We count by 10s, 5’s and 2’s also.


Start a count down to summer vacation.

Lisa Marie
We count until their last day of school.
I have used it to count by 10s but not starting at 10 but starting at other #s.. like the first day we start with say 6… and mark it with some symbol.. then count 10 days and mark it.. then the next day or two count ten more.. so within a few days, they will notice a pattern.
We go to the last day of school…keep counting.
I count backwards. How many days left in kindergarten and start erasing.
We don’t count on a Hundred Chart at our school. Most of my colleagues use some type of post-it (I use paper school bus cut-outs), and we put the numbers up around the room, until we get to the last day of school. This helps the children understand that counting doesn’t stop when we get to 100. You might try this for another school year. Rachel, I am totally opposed to counting down how many days are left in school. I feel that it gives children the impression that we don’t want to spend many more days with them. I have this argument with my colleagues who keep going on about how many days are left. Just my opinion …
Count backwards to the last day of school.


We subtract. Some of my students can actually do the subtraction by themselves. I like that I am modeling regrouping.


Elizabeth Ann, I met a teacher once who had voices for each of the counts 2, 4, 10, and by ones. She had a reason for each voice because of the way it made you express the numbers- DANG it! That is one of the teachers that I totally wish I could remember where in the country I met her and who she was.  Don’t you hate when you think you’ll remember something, alas you don’t … grrrr. If anyone knows those voices and the reasons behind them PLEASE share!!!


We keep a paper clip count with 10 clips in each row. I keep that going all the way to the end of school and we keep counting up to 180.


We count down to how many days are left of school, after we are done reaching 100 days.


I bought another 100’s chart and wrote a 10 in front of the 1 and 10 in front of the 2 all the way to 200. I highlight the 182nd day to show when our last day is.


We put an X on the number of days left….countdown of course!


I use 10 frames and put 1 sticker on each day.


Tawanna,  you are a genius! That is such a better idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lizzy Ann

I love the idea of counting backwards. .. can’t believe I didn’t think of it! We still go to 180, building the numbers with hundred, tens, and ones cubes whole-group on the smart board.

 So many awesome ideas from great teachers. .. I love this web site!


I bought a children’s gift bag and put a big ? on it. In the bag there are cubes with a a five, ten or a one one it. Each day we pull out one and count by 1st, 10s or 5s. There is also a pocket chart for adding our daily straw…. So we keep counting up, and practice what we need to know.


 I make a chart that goes from 101-180 and we keep on coloring.
We have a caterpillar we keep adding numbers to.
We begin to count backwards…towards last day of kindergarten.
 I’ve introduced place value attribute blocks, so now we have a 100 block and a 10 block. We’ll add blocks until we get to 180. We also “built” each day of school on an abacus till we got to 100, and now we have two abacuses…abaci??? The kids LOVE building the number of days we’ve been in school, and some can use the abacus to figure out how many days are left. : )

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