Ideas for Good Online Gradebooks

The Question:
Does anyone use an online gradebook that can be aligned with the common core, and that is Kindergarten friendly and user-friendly?
The Answers:
Our county has an online gradebook, but it does not include Kindergarten….Kindergarten has their own checklist report card that they do… Our county uses PowerSchool
We use PowerSchool grade book. We are able to customize it to fit the report cards we use.
We just created our progress report for K in
PowerSchool…..common core aligned of course…we are piloting it for our primary school…our elementary school uses it too!
We use PowerSchool but I don’t think it is user friendly or aligned to Kindergarten. Friends use OnCourse and they love it. We use OnCourse for lesson planning and I love it too. I just don’t know why our district doesn’t use it for grade book too.
We use ProgressBook, and we can also customize our grade card.
Our school district uses Sapphire. We just started this year. It was a little hard to get used to. However, they were able to upload our “checklist” report card right into the system. After a few glitches, we got it and it matches our old reports cards in word document. They are basically able to do or put in whatever you would like.
My school uses PowerSchool 1-8 and K uses ESGI. You can make your own on-line assessments or use some that are already created. It is AWESOME! It was developed by a K teacher. It has report cards, graphs, charts, and class comparisons. LOVE IT!
We use an online grade book and its horrible. It does not aligned with common core or user friendly.
 We use Skyward and input a standards based score – 3,2,1,4. To give parents specific
information, we include a handwritten insert mimicking our testing documents.
Our district uses PowerSchool for all grades. Kindergarten has been included for the last 3 years. Takes some getting use to.
We use ProgressBook as well!
We use Genesis and don’t like it for Kindergarten grading at all.
Engrade. It’s AWESOME! My school is piloting it this year. Check it out! It is aligned with common core and with kindergarten!
We use Skyward. We no longer have long checklists with each letter a child knows. Instead we have to record that a child knows 21/26 letters, then in the comments write which ones he missed. It’s what we were told to use, so we’ve made it work.
The district uses PowerTeacher and kindergarten uses ESGI also as the assessment piece. We transfer the results into PowerTeacher.
We use IGPRO, but we only upload the final grade. We use a checksheet for the skills.
Our school uses one for every grade except kindergarten. We just haven’t found one that fits.
We use Gradespeed. It allows you to enter the standard for the assignment your takes some getting used to..but I love it, plus parents can sign up and see their child’s grades at any time!
 We use Pinnacle. Only K and ESE have issues with it, but we are learning better ways to use it productively.
We use  We enter all our standards as assignments with 100% on a rubric system. It’s easy to use once it is set up. But at our school and others in the area that use it, you need an ‘administrator’ to run the report cards (basically one person is in charge of it for the school).
E-school Data has gradebook and we also use it for attendance. I teach Kindergarten but don’t use the gradebook.
 We use School Tool– the programmer modifies it each year as we see fit, so its getting better.
We use Gradespeed too. I love it. Easy to use!
We use Gradespeed in Irving, Texas. It seems to work well for kindergarten. We just updated to add our common core objectives.
Our district uses Skyward, and all but kinder and pre k use it. We still use a hard copy report card.
We use ProgressBook and it is very customizable. And soooooo much easier than handwriting in grades. You plug in the points and it averages everything for you. It gives you an individual grade for the different area under language arts and math and then an overall grade in each. And parents can also log in to see grades.
Our district uses Progress Book. However, Kindergarten enters the grades but do not have to keep our checklists on PB.
 We use Renweb, and have to tweak it for Kindergarten and Jr. Kindergarten. We do have skill sets for breaking down the skills each quarter, and that helps individualize it. In the 3rd quarter when we have more tests and oral evaluations, we can enter scores like the rest of the Elementary teachers do.
Our district uses PowerSchool…. We can put in any assignments we want. It uses a 1-3 rubric system.
Check out Humboldt County Office of Education…we are in final stages of creating a common core online report card…it is going to be amazing…we are also. making one for TK.
We have Data Director and we hate it. So many glitches and no support services My district is actively looking for a new one.
 We use Edline and modify it to fit our needs.
Rich Porter
 GradeCam grades assignments with a webcam or document camera and then send the grade to any gradebook for you. We love Easy Grade Pro but there are a lot of good ones out there.

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