Best Books to Compare and Contrast

The Question:
What are your favorite books to teach about comparing and contrasting? I just did The Mitten and am looking for more ideas.
The Answers:
 I love using the Gingerbread Boy and the Gingerbread Baby for comparing and contrasting.
I use all the varieties of the gingerbread man. So fun!
Any fairy tale and a fractured version. 3 little pigs & the 3 little fish & the big bad shark is one of many examples.
 Since you just read The Mitten You could also use other Jan Brett books like The Hat
I always use different versions of the three little pigs and the gingerbread man (runaway tortilla)so that they can compare/contrast. There are many versions available for each story.
The Gingerbread Boy stories. There is the Gingerbread Girl, The Gingerbread Cowboy, the Gingerbread Pirate….
The Little Red Hen and The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza. I just did a lesson about that yesterday!
 With Dr. Seuss’ birthday coming up, use The Cat in the Hat and the Cat In the Hat Comes Back.
 We just did Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and then Dustylocks and the 3 bears.
The Little Red Hen and Mañana, Iguana
 Goldilocks & the Three Bears (any version) and The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett. Around the holidays, you can also use The Three Bears Christmas by Kathy Duval.
I’m getting ready to do the Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Three Cabritos. It meets several common core standards.
Goldilocks and the three bears and the 3 little pigs, the children LOVE to hear the different versions!!
 Stone Soup!!!
No two alike by Keith Baker…compares things that are the same but different, love this book and illustrations.
The Gingerbread Man vs. The Stinky Cheese Man
The three little pigs vs The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
 Little Red Hen and Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza
Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters, Adelita, Cinderella. 3 Little Pigs, 3 Little Javelinas, True Story of 3 Little Pigs by A. Wolf, 3 Little Wolves. Little Red Riding Hood and Lon Po Po.
Stellaluna! Comparing and contrasting the bird and bat characters
 The three Bears and Dustylocks.
People and snowmen
Gingerbread man
Use The Hat with The Mitten. Can also use If You Give a Moose a Muffin and any of the others in that series. The kids have fun with the original Three Pigs and the version from the wolf’s perspective. Another good combo is The Princess and the Frog and The Paperbag Princess.
Clean Your Room Harvey Moon (Pat Cummings) and Pigsty (Mark Teague)
We are fortunate to have some wonderful Louisiana authors who write Louisiana/Cajun versions of some of the most favorite stories.
 Gingerbread Man/Boy
Agree… multicultural versions of fairy tales compared to traditional ones. My students gained a lot out of these books and we used the thinking map “double bubble” to compare and contrast genre traits.
 I just have to put in a pitch for my favorite “fractured” version on 3 Little Pigs. It’s called “Wait, No Paint!” by Bruce Whatley. Great for compare/contrast to the original (and other versions). Also great for highlighting the importance of an illustrator and for inferential questioning. And it is funny as can be!
The Chick and the Duckling… Very simple story, but fantastic way to begin a Venn diagram!

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