Where Do You Buy Class Tee Shirts?

The Question:
I’m looking to order class t-shirts next year. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good company to use?
The Answers:
We work with a t-shirt company in our town. Do you have a print shop/t-shirt shop in your town that does baseball shirts for little league?
We have a great local screen printing company here! So fortunate!
 We do the same as Sarah. We have the kids draw pictures of themselves (full body) and then pick one from each class and put the 5 kids on the front of the shirt with a cute saying on it.
www.schooltee.com has been a great company for us. They are less expensive than area screen printing companies.
 We do our school shirts through jiffyshirts.com and then use a local screen printer…we average about $4 per shirt.
 I like to do things local if I can, local businesses are big supporters of schools. I think it helps with PR and good community relations.
 I’ve used Schooltee for years.
Rocky Mountain Tee shirt company out of Grand Junction,CO. Adorable class tee shirts. Kids do a self portrait. I have pics if you’d like to see them. Have used 4 years & never been disappointed. Very fast too.
Love Schooltee.com. I have been using them for ten years.
 Rocky Mountain Tshirt company does really cute shirts!! The kids draw a self portrait and write their name and it is screen printed on exactly like the kids draw themselves and write their name.
They had our shirts printed and returned in less than 2 weeks!!!
Righteous Clothing. They have a huge catalog so that teachers can order any style or color of any shirt or jacket.
Use local companies….always less expensive than online companies. Most have a huge variety of shirts to choose from and have artists to design the shirts
 I used schooltee awhile back… Like seeing all the options
 We have used Classroom Faces for several years and continue to order from them! Usually have good deals for the beginning of the school year.
 I make my own!!! Parents send the t-shirts. I made some star stamps, paint costs less than $1 a bottle, add some textile medium and I’m good to go.
Ashley ‘Judy’
 brite ideas! 9.99 a shirt and you can have faces or hand prints put on them
 Schooltee…only takes 2 weeks and they were $10…you can fax the order….very easy.

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