Is There a Perfect Math Program? Not Really

f7836775a94b74e77d09e1ba084fd844The Question:
I know that there is never a “perfect” Math program, and we will probably always have to supplement.
Is anyone using a Math program that  you like and is teacher/student friendly?
The Answers:
I love the Go Math! Program
 enVisionMath . . . if you like to spoon feed students.
Love the sarcasm above…Bridges is where it’s at!
Everyday Math
Absolutely NOT Engage New York… It’s like the black hole of fun, enjoyable math, sucks the happiness right out.
 I love Go Math with the On Core Supplement. Strongly dislike Envision Math. Sadlier is okay but I supplement quite a bit.
 We love the newest edition of Bridges!
 Not Everyday Math!!!!
Hate Engage New York too!
Anyone heard of Singapore Math? my district is adding this next year, thoughts on it?
Lisa Marie
 We’re using Stepping Stones (it’s all on line, smart board friendly, relates to the common core); it’s from Australia and it’s easy to use. There’s lots of hands on for the kids and I’m liking it so far.
 We are loving Deanna Jump and DeeDee Wills Math for Kinders at my school right now….perfect balance of standards based, interactive, and developmentally appropriate. Great routine and easy to prep an plan for. It’s on teachers pay teachers.
 I really didn’t like it at first but now I love it…The Engage New York curriculum! Very user friendly…and higher level thinking…made to align with CCSS.
Our district uses Math Expressions and I think it is very good.
Go Math was awesome. I loved the technology portion for the smart board. I could project the worksheets and do them right on my smart board. I also loved how easy it was to learn.
DO NOT LIKE Singapore Math…Math in Focus! Very difficult to follow for LD/NVLD and ADHD students.
Project m2: mentoring young mathematicians for measurement and geometry. It is aligned with common core, higher level thinking, hands on, you use leveled groups, and centers.
One math program I use is Investigations Math.
 Math Their Way & Math Perspectives is perfect for Kindergarten.
Saxon and we LOVE it!
 We use Go Math. I hate it. It is so boring. Parents don’t like it either.
I’m from Irving ISD and we viewed Envisions, Everyday Math and Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt Go Math! My two favorites were Go Math and every day math. What does anyone else think?
Bren Da
Who has heard of Singapore Math? Any Good?
Bridges is fantastic! (Especially for primary). Our district adopted My Math.… I don’t like it at all for primary students.
Lizzy Ann
 We have My Math. It has a great online component. It’s a little convoluted, but my kids learned their numbers faster than ever before, and are adding and subtracting with ease. There are way too many questions for the kids to answer on the learning sheets… you have to make a decision about what to skip. Overall, I do like it!
My district is currently using Math in Focus for K-2. Hoping to use it for 3/4 soon. Envisions is not very good. That is what we have, but never use in grades 3/4.
 I’ve used Saxon and liked it for k-2. Currently trying My Math which is common core aligned and not sure about it for kindergarten. I’m supplementing for parts of it. I don’t like the Harcourt program it was very confusing for me. I had the option of using it or Saxon last year and went back to Saxon.
 I’m in So Cal. Our district is piloting 2 programs – enVisions (Pearson) & Math Expressions(Houghton). Wasn’t crazy about enVisions. The order didn’t make sense to me. I love Singapore & miss it! Hopefully Expressions will be ok.
I am currently piloting Everyday Math and I feel it spirals way too much. Everyday is a new topic. The children never get a chance to master a skill. I thought in-depth learning was the point of common core. This program is suppose to align but I do not see how!
We like enVisionMath
We did enVisionMath and I did not like it. I am true to Investigations Math  Great program that makes connections and gets kids to think. Funny part is that they are from the same company.
BRIDGES!!! Waaay better than Investigations Math. Kids love it! If we have an assembly or a field trip they’re mad they don’t get to do Math!
This is our second year with Math in Focus. I like it. There is a lot of hands-on exploring and having the kids figure it out. We also purchased the calendar piece which has added depth to our math topics. The only complaint at the beginning was there were not spelled out centers, but after our training, the presenter showed us the wording that was used and to build our own centers easily.
I’m from Irving ISD and we viewed enVisionMath and Houghton-Miftlin. Go Math Houghton-Mifflin and Everyday Math were my two favorites.
I wish I could get a math program that integrates with my reading so it could flow seamlessly.
Singapore Math works very well at my school. It teaches each topic in depth with a ton of practice in many different ways before moving on to the next concept. The kids are better able to master the skills.

4 thoughts on “Is There a Perfect Math Program? Not Really

  1. K-2 have a great program Development Math Group. Check them out! Great assessment to see where kids are in their understanding and great curriculum to pair with it.

  2. Math In Focus is amazing! It is a form of Singapore math. My son’s private school switched several years ago from Saxon, which was also very good, to Math In Focus. I was able to see my older boy use Saxon, my middle boy use Investigations, and my youngest use Math In Focus. Math in Focus is by far the best, it goes from concrete to abstract reasoning, uses pictures, and gets to mastery. Investigations math was terrible as it was not an efficient way to learn math.

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