Easy Gifts for Mother’s Day

The Question:
Erica is looking for some fresh, useful, non-cluttering ideas for Mother’s and Father’s Day projects
The Answers:
Bath salts!
 I use a small plastic container for each child to mix and shake their “own” recipe. I get the containers from the Dollar Store.
Since we studied plants a few weeks back I had my students plant seeds. They had to water them and make sure they were doing ok. We are putting them in pots today.
We make cookbooks for our moms. The kids dictate their favorite recipes to me. The dictations are hilarious, the project is so easy to compile and the moms always love the cookbooks!
We also plant seeds to coincide with our plant unit. I buy small clay pots, and they use permanent markers to draw Mom’s face on them. Then we plant grass seeds in them, so the grass becomes the hair. They’re quite cute! And it costs about 50 cents per child.
We wrote our own versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears for moms.
We collected 20 oz plastic pop/water bottles (or coffee creamer containers of the best ones are from Crystal Light), anyways it needs to resemble a vase. The students used Modge Podge to adhere tissue paper squares to the “vases”. Then I took their picture 3 times (with different expressions) and glued them on paper flowers that can be cut out on a die cut machine. They glued the flowers onto long sticks(skewers) and stuck them in the vase. We put a cup full of rice in the bottom to weigh it down. The finished product is very cute. It can go with a poem I found online. We also wrote nice things about them.
I do bath salts too. Quick easy recipe. Epsom salt with lavender baby oil. Mix till wet like making a sand castle. It will dry up as it settles & absorbs. Smells great in my room. Also do Muffins for Moms. The class sings a few things then give their moms muffins with a poem “If You Give a Mom a Muffin”.
We do colored popsicle stick picture frames…I make the frames ahead of time…then they decorate them…foam shapes or letters, color, letters to spell #1 mom (or whatever), or whatever you have. Then I usually put a picture of the child in it before we wrap them. Kids and parents love them! Oh, And magnets on the back.
Sculpey clay + pin backs for mom. We’ve also done paper mâché bowls (FOSS science) for mom & wood sculptures for dad (again part of our FOSS science.
We made handprint cards with a poem inside. We use card stock and have them put a painted handprint or they could draw one on and then place poem on the inside and have them sign their name and write Happy Mothers Day and I love you.
My old school did a Mother’s Day tea. The kids made a book about why they loved their mom. We made sandwiches and muffins and I went and bought tea and coffee. The moms came for about 45 mins and we sang a song and the kids waited on their moms with the food. The moms always loved it and would feel really special.
I bought mini wooden bird houses at Michaels…they are $1 but use my 15% teacher discount. It’s worth the money for me to not have to prep anything! Just going to let them paint next week.
My little ones make breakfast in bed for their moms. On one side of a colorful paper bag they glue a quilt pattern they have colored. They add their mom’s head at the top of the quilt. On the other side there is a little poem about Mother’s Day and a special treat. Each child picks a breakfast bar, a little box of raisons or container of applesauce and a tea bag and puts it in the bag. My aide adds some tissue paper and staples it closed. The next day we make cards and attach them with a bow.
Write a book. Kids read it to mom. Hey look mom your gift is that your kids can read.
I print flowers stems on green construction paper and each stem has a nice thing to do for mom printed on it. The kids make flowers from scrap construction paper, glue them on stems and put them in a basket they made from two paper circles folded in half and inserted into each other. they make 5 or 6 flowers. We wrap the basket up in tissue paper and send it home the Friday before Mother’s Day.

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