Fun Songs for Learning Letters


The Question:

Lisa  is looking for a catchy little song that can be played everyday for help with letter sounds.

The Answers:

Dr Jean has Alphardy on her Sing to Learn CD. Jack Hartmann has several.  One is on Hip Hop Alphabop .
Dr. Jean: Who let the letters out.
If you get the movie Letter Factory, there is a song at the very end that you could play. My kids loved it last year, they would all sing along.
Lively Letters CD
Tandy Lynn….Harry Kindergarten…ENJOY!!
If you can use Youtube, there are lots of ABC/Letter sound songs- I use Super Simple Songs, Harry Kindergarten and KidsTV123 all the time.
Try Heidi Songs. She has CDs and DVDs (we use the DVD). She sings every letter, then sound, then word with a fun action. Ex. A A /a/ /a/ /a/ ants ants ants ants ants (while you pretend to squish ants on the floor with your feet.
Jack Hartmann’s Workout to the Letter Sounds is fun.
Use the Phonics Dance by Ginny Dowd!  It amazing!
Harry Kindergarten on YouTube and Dr. Jean.
Jean Feldman…. her’s are the best
Have fun teaching on YouTube! My kids love the songs….
Sound-a-bet. A privately produced program by a K teacher out in California, I think. A teacher friend found his materials online and the kids really like and learn from it.
Dr.Jean has a song, “Who Let the Letters Out”. The tune is to Who Let The Dogs Out. Very catchy and the kiddos love it.
Dr.Jean Feldman has LOTS of great songs!!!
Yes, “Who Let the Letters Out” song is great, and very catchy. The kids love it. But by the third or fourth time you play it you will want to drive sharpened pencils into your own ears.
Hip hop alphabop
I can’t access YouTube from my classroom, but many of the above mentioned songs (which are all great and I use them with my K students) are also available on School Tube.
 Have fun teaching letter videos A-Z
We do the Phonics Dance! It has songs for each letter!
Jolly phonics,, & My kids love getting up & moving & being silly while learning.
Jack Hartmann has a lot of wonderful songs .. plus his wife taught kindergarten for many many years… There is also Mark D Pencil–that has a few catchy songs.
 The Farmer In The Dell tune-with each letter you say the letter in this song-
“The B says /b/, the b says /b/ every letter makes a sound the b says /b/…..
 I still use The Letter People to help them remember the sounds of the letters. There are songs for each letter.
Dr Jean Who Let The Letters Out? on the Kiss Your Brain cd! my kids love it!  Jack Hartman has an exercise to alphabet song. I do it everyday with my kids and they love it! I also use the songs from Have Fun Teaching for the letters that we are working on that week.
Phonics Dance is a great program with catchy little songs/rhymes for each letter.
I’m going to guess that the song and chart that you are referring to is the phonics song from Sing, Spell, Read, and Write by Pearson School.
Dr Jean’s song, I’ve the alphabet in my mouth.
Alphardy by Dr Jean!!! There’s a YouTube video with pictures for each letter, or you can make your own!
Janice… She has an alphabet DvD with a song for each letter… Love it !!!
My favorite song for this task is Learning Letter Sounds by Jack Hartmann. Here is the chart that each child has while we sing the song.
Dr Jean…Phonercise…..use it all the time!
Dr. Jean has many good ones, but my class’ favorite is, “Who Let the Letters Out?”
 Barbara Milne phonics song!
We use the Phonics Dance but I also use Have Fun Teaching & StoryBots and the kids love it.
Jack Hartman, Letter Sounds Yo-Yo?
Several great ones on you tube from Jack Hartmann and Have Fun Teaching. We use one from an old program called Sing, Spell, Read, Write.
Love Sing, Spell, Read and Write. Wall chart, individual alphabet strips and I taught my class the sign language for each letter and the sign for the word that goes with each letter.
I also use and love Jack Hartmann’s “Learning Letter Sounds”. I actually created my own letter chart to go with it when I first started teaching and since it has been so well used I was thinking I needed to make a new one! Thank you Sandy for sharing the link for the posters!! I also love the song from the Leap Frog Letter Factory, and we just purchased Zoophonics.
We have Sing, Spell, Read and Write, but the song does not say the letter name. I found that my kids that didn’t know the letter names before K were learning the sounds and not the letter names. I added doing Dr. Jean’s “Who let the letters Out” with it and they all are learning both the name and sound. They love both songs.
Discovery Toys used to have a letter sound song years ago. A is for apple /a/ /a/ /a/. It was catchy and the kids liked it a lot. I’ve supplemented that with different and more attractive charts over the years. I found the one from the have fun teaching site and it is most definitely my student’s favorite version right now. They even have songs for individual letters as well.
 Sing Spell Read And Write has a catchy tune. Also The Letter Factory
 This one is a lot of fun and works as a brain break as well!
The have fun teaching videos on YouTube are the best!!!! My kids absolutely love them and ask constantly to watch them. We usually watch the phonics one that does letter names and sounds but the individual ones would be good for tricky letters. I also really love the sight word videos. My kids also like alphrady (if you search it on YouTube, it will come up). Good luck!!!
 Alphabet sounds and sign language signs
 Forget that animal guy! We do not say muh and NUH and buh! Oy! Try Letterland‘s songs that are amazing and pronounced pretty darned great.
You should definitely check out “The Secret Stories”!! Not only does the book come with an excellent version of singing the letter sounds each day, but it is also chock-full of “secret stories” to help children understand the way letters go together to make new sounds. In nineteen years of teaching kindergarten, “The Secret Stories” are an instructional tool I absolutely could not teach without. The best thing is that they are all based on brain research and most appropriate practice for young learners
Sara Hackett My kids’ fave this year is who let the letters out by Dr Jean. I also really like the alphabet sounds song on the Songs for Learning CD by Discovery Toys, it comes with a letter chart.
 I love the alphabet songs from kidstv123 on youtube! Very catchy.

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