What do 5 year olds REALLY want to know?

The Question:
What are a few of the questions asked year after year by your 5 year old students? 
The Answers:
Laura Llewellyn Staul
 I asked if anyone had ever heard of Betsy Ross. One little boy answered, “She’s a rocker!” I had to tell him, “no, that’s DIANA Ross!” Their answers are funnier than their questions!
Denise Eymard Turknett 
Can I go to Nurse Lisa? Is it outside recess? What’s for lunch today? Do you like my new shoes?
Colleen Patricia 
Are you married/do you have a husband?…(I say no) Why not? Are you going to get married?
Seriously year after year…I better get on it lol!
Tina Steele Eaker
 Will you ever get smart enough to go to First Grade?

Mitzi Farris McNutt

Do you have a daddy?
Donna Scheer 
Is that a true story? (every time we read a cool fiction book)
Toni Rieker
Do we have PE today? When is school out? How old are you? Oh yes, I also get the Band-aid requests, and go through a ton of them each year!!!
Kara Young 
You’re a MOM too?
Denise Eymard Turknett 
Are we watching a movie for nap time today? Can I put my mat by (name) today? What movie are we watcing? Is it time to get up? Where do I go? (for circle time) Can I do ____ instead?
Kim Nations Pool 
 Why is your mom dead?
Catherine Brown
 Do you live here at the school?

Laura Llewellyn Staul 

Is today a short day? Do we have to run 2 laps? Is it almost lunch time? Can I have a drink? Can I go to the kitchen center? Can I have a band-aid? Can we play the magic number game?
Karen Fowler-Bassford
 My favorite was a Social Studies question. I work in a private school in a university town. All of our parents are very supportive of school and education. We were starting a lesson on maps. I asked if anyone knew what a map was. One of my students raised his hand and said “A map is what you use if your navigation system is broken.” It was too funny and very true in our town!
Amanda Jaqua
 I made the mistake of mentioning our zoo field trip several months before the trip. Almost everyday at least one kid would ask “are we going to the zoo today, tomorrow, when?”
Marla Laraine Allard Webb
 Who made God?
Karen Baylor 
Can I finish this at home?
Heather Ferriero Graven 
Why are the 6th graders taller than you?  How do you know so many “tricks”??
Joseph Slate 
K-kid urinating on side of school building at recess.
Teacher: We don’t do that in Kindergarten.
Kid: Can I when I’m in first grade?
Dale Blaess 
My mom had a baby. It was me.
Carrie Camp Ill 
Are you married? Do you have kids? Can you tie my shoes? When can we go outside? When can we go inside? (on hot or cold days) How much longer do we have for centers? Do we have graduation practice today? (At the end of the year, and even after the graduation ceremony has already happened)
Gerita Parker Meade
 ‎”Why didn’t you sign up for 1st grade”?
Connie Conley 
When birthdays came around the children would hold up one hand and maybe 1 more finger to signify 5 or 6. As a senior citizen ,when asked how old I was, I had to flash both hands almost 6 times.
While working as a sub, I could not take the kids out for recess unless a certified teacher was also present on the playground. They would beg and plead. Finally, one darling baby said with hands on her hips and with the utmost authority , “She can’t take us out to play, shes too old.” I must have seemed ancient in their little minds.
Lana Weeks Gilliam
On the first day of school, after going over the cafeteria rules reminding the children to hold their plate with BOTH hands, one little girl WOULD NOT take the plate from me..she finally said….”I didn’t order this.” cafeteria workers cracked up!
Claudia Hall
I was fortunate enough to have inherited an old record player from the library and many records, the kind my teachers had back in the “dark ages”. There’s always someone who will ask “where did you get those big CD’s?” And then someone will answer “my grandma has those!”
Raelyn Jansky
 Is that your Dad? (referring to a picture of me and my brother on my brother’s wedding day)
Jennifer Toscano Wilkin 
How do you write my name? Why do you wear glasses (on days I don’t wear my contact)?
Stephanie Suppes 
Do alligators live in the junk yard? Why is the sky blue? Where does Santa really live?
Rhonda Conner Beckett
The best was when our principal was coming and I asked who she was and someone said Princess Cupcake – her name is Principal Kupka but now we refer to her as Princess Cupcake!!!!
Rheannon Griffith Boddie
Are you a grown up or a kid? (when I was first teaching I looked very young) and this is more of an exclamation- You don’t live with your mom and dad! Who cooks your food and gives you a bath?
Jennifer LaTurno Lozon
‎”When are you going to teach us how to read?” I got that one for the first time in my first year on the second day of school and every year it seems to reappear!
Jenny Johnson 
While my mother was volunteering in my class, a kinder asked her (about me), “Why did you name her Miss Johnson?”
Fairlyn Barrosse 
Every year, I have at least one student always asking, “Can I just tell you one thing?”, and it goes on for most of the morning each day.
Idu Udom-Emeziem
 Did i have a good day today? Can i finish this at home? can you undo my button/belt? I want to be your helper! my pencil broooooke! I’m done! I love you teacher! Please tie my shoes! I know how to tie shoes now teacher, watch!……
Marla Laraine Allard Webb 
On the last day of school: “How am I going to live without you?”
Laura Duffield Moore 
When we study life cycles, one child always asks if I saw a dinosaur when I was little.
Tammy Rae Talent 
You don’t look like a grandma, your skirt isn’t long enough.

3 thoughts on “What do 5 year olds REALLY want to know?

  1. I had a student last year ask me every single day ‘how does an insect go to the bathroom? In his abdomen or thorax?’. This was during and after our insect unit. I nearly died laughing.
    How old are you? (I’m 99) Can I come to your party?
    What’s your real name? (Mrs. Johns) nooooo your real name. (Mrs.)
    Can I come home with you?
    How many kids do you have? (36)

  2. Is it time for lunch yet? (We just finished breakfast for all and the day just started.) When are we going to work stations? Can I go to the bathroom? (even though the child just got out of the bathroom). How old are you? Do you have any children? Can your dog come to school and play with us? What does your dog do when you are here with us? Do I really have to color this? (that one always surprises me. Most of my kids always love to color) Can we write in our journals? Can I do this at home instead of now? Why can’t I go on the computer today?

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