Loving Living in the “State” of Kindergarten

I have learned that safety for me is having Kindergartners to wake up for, Kindergartners to amuse me during the work day, Kindergartners to prepare for after school, Kindergartners to recover from in the evenings, Kindergartners to dream about, Kindergartners to wake up for . . . and the tiny paycheck and good insurance benefits I get for waking, living, and breathing Kindergartners.
The Comments:
Janice Crothers 
Kenyatta Norris 
I LOVE this…especially since I’m a Kindergarten teacher too!
Katherine Gegner 
Kindergarten is a way of life, isn’t it!
Karen O’Brien
 I tell people that I live in the Grade of Kindergarten!!
Carol Machado 
Oh how I love Kindergarten!! The kids are lil cute sponges. 😀
Jill Jordan Long 
I miss being in Kindergarten this year but I still see the world through Kindergarten eyes….some of the older kids don’t quite see it the same way any more.
E. Gale Reeve
 Kindergarten is a great place to be!
Dana McMinn Westveer
 Everyone should see the world through Kindergarten eyes.
Kimberly Wooten Paz
 Kindergarten magic – I wish the whole world was infected with it!!
Kelly Mattingly Harden
 I love my job and I truly believe it’s because I “hang out” with kindergartners all day
Lisa Marie McKnew
 I have been in Kindergarten for 11 years and I never want to leave! 🙂
Joan Pittaway Elizondo 
‎24 years of kindergarten and still love my job or i should say my kindergatreners. Keep ya laughing all day long.
Nancy Jones 
I have 33 years in kindergarten and that’s all I remember ever wanting to do since I was a kindergartner myself!
Emily Ray
 ‎’K’ kids, ya gotta love ’em to wanna be there. Isn’t it fab that’s us!?!?!? Our principal is pulling a switch after achievement tests. Please keep me in your prayers and I’m not too proud to ask you to ask the Lord to help Ms. Em stay where she wantsta stay. I will have to quit if he moves me. I have NO desire to be anywhere else….Hey, subbing in K will have it’s perks, eh…….NO MORE TESTS!!!! Hot diggety dog.
Andrea Trevethan Tudor
 I squealed with delight when I found a note by the terrarium today … “we kecht a wrm.” And that’s why I keep doing it 🙂
Dana Pawlak
 thanks for the great K-smile! 🙂
Diane Trepiccione Dean 
Yes kindergarten is the place to be! Where else in your school would four students come to school with their shoes on the wrong feet!
Deena Sullivan 
Oh yes…it’s so true.
Deena Sullivan
 It’s not the place for everyone…but teaching the young’ ones is the place for me!!! I just love it… almost always! 🙂
Kathy Timson
 Shirts on backwards too!
Lisa Harrison Rosas 
Love my munchkins!
Becky Karr
 Having to stop and unbutton too tight pants for one who needs to go potty while reading a story aloud, and then having to stop again when they need to be re-buttoned. I do love my kindergartners!!
Juli Benson McCarlson The smiles through the dirty faces, the way their eyes light up, the excitement in telling their stories, the hugs they share, the help they give others, the songs they sing with such gusto…just love it…there’s no where I’d rather be…and in reality, not too many people want our jobs/lives…how often have you heard ‘I could never do this’ and we ‘do’ everyday – thank you, Jesus!
Alison Bird Whitney 
Hey, Nancy – love your post – I went back to kindergarten 4 years ago and I’m in love with teaching again! They bring such light and joy into my life…KIT
Sue MacAvoy Sweet
 my first year in kindergarten one of my kiddos came in with her shoes on her wrong feet, and I told her “Megan you have your shoes on the wrong feet” and she immediately broke into heartbreaking tears. When I asked her what was wrong, she said “These are the only feet I have!”! 22 years ago, and I remember it like it was today!
Amy Cox
 hahaah that’s hilarious!! have you ever had a kid tie their shoelaces from their separate shoes together, only to find they fall on their face when they try to walk? haha kindergarten is priceless 🙂

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