Tips and Tools for a Memorable End of Year Slideshow

The Question:
I’m looking for good songs for my End-of-the-Year Slideshow and easy software to create it.
I’m already using  We are Going to be Friends, by Jack Johnson,  Let Them be Little, by Lonestar,  and I’m on My Way, by Phil Collins.
I need 2 or 3 more. Thanks!
The Answers:
Sue MacAvoy Sweet
I Hope You’ll Dance by Lee Ann Womack
Ginny Cooper Mo 
Jennifer Gardner Bennett 
Virg Valdez 
Dawn Spurr 
Colleen Russell Guertin 
I use Jack Hartmans “We are a family” – I teach them signs and we sing it for the parents as part of our celebration!
Ginger Di Paola Kleypas
 Rascal Flats “My Wish”  and I use Smilebox and it’s really easy and turns out great!!
Lindsey Clarida ‎
Ellen Findlay Herdegen 
Now and Forever, from the movie A League of Their Own.
Heather Wells 
Renee Schiefelbein Miller
Lisa Doiron 
Jennifer Nelson Buffkin
 You’ve got a Friend in Me, from the Toy Story movie.
Karen Barry 
Megan Casey Lane
Bethany Carter 
Kathy Price Collins
Elizabeth Brown 
I like Dan Zanes for our end of the year slideshow.
Shannon Clack Woodard 
Diane Lotenero 
We use the songs from the classroom they love and sing all year! That way they will always have their K music memories too!
Jennifer Ranck 
Sarah Flores
 I hope You’ll Dance…..I hope You never lose Your sense of wonder…..beautiful song! I used it for graduation one year.
Stephanie J Sandford 
Jennifer Francis Dix 
Emily Ray 
Julie Houlton Stiltner 
I think it’s called For the Better, from the musical Wicked…I use it as the last song! Makes me cry every time!
Karen Salter
 Getting to Know You by James Taylor for beginning, Child of Mine by Carole King…causes Niagara Falls every year during my showing.
Geri Lutes Sullivan
I use iMovie (on the MacBook)….it’s very easy to add the pictures and music, and you just burn it to a DVD when you’re finished.
Michelle Vanston
 Tom Pease has some great songs that I have used for my videos.
Denise Baker Dillman
 Photo Story (not Photoshop) :>) Very easy. Even I can do it.
Carol Toney Johnson 
Dana Fioravanti Gioffre 
MaryJo Coluccio Seeley 
I use Windows Movie Maker – pretty easy.
Kristi Jensen Anderson 
We do one called “First Grade, First Grade”……it goes to the New York, New York tune. I think I got it off of, but I’m not sure. We just practiced it today again and it is SOOOOO CUTE!!
Merritt Cox Balding
 I’m graduating from kindergarten
Aren’t you proud of me
I can read and spell and do some math
And tell a great story.
I’m going on to 1st grade
I think it will be fun.
But now it is the summertime
The school year is all done.
I’m so glad now
Take a look and see
I’m graduating from kindergarten
Aren’t you proud of me!
Cheri Dodson Smith
We also sing our goodbye song that we sing every day.
Kindergarten’s over, now it’s time to go,
Get all your stuff and pack it up and stand up in a row.
I’ll wave to you, you wave to me, we give a little clap.
Until we meet in First Grade, when we’ll all be back!
Sarah Flores
 I change my songs every year. I really like The World is a Rainbow. Its a cute song.
Amanda Birdsong 
Candy Dy-Liacco 
Moving on to First Grade. It’s on iTunes. 🙂
Amy Smith 
See you later alligator
See you later friend of mine
It’s been a great year
Give a big cheer
We sure had an awesome time!
Nancy Duino-Cicchelli 
We always do the “First Grade, First Grade” song to “New York, NY”…it is adorable! Also added in “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story…I found a super cute kid-done version to use…really cute!
Cassandra Marshall
Songs I have set my end of year slide show to : One Light One Sun by Raffi, You’ve Got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman … from Toy Story soundtrack, The World is a Rainbow by Greg and Steve. Songs I have the kids perform: It’s a Beautiful Day off Greg and Steve’s We all Live Together, two songs by Jack Hartmann: Spread a little Sunshine and One Small Voice, then the Good Bye song also from Greg and Steve.
Jennifer Nolen
 ‎”Kindergarten Nights” to the song Summer Lovin from Grease, we did this while wearing sunglasses really cute. We also do one to the theme of the Adams Family, A Beautiful Day by Jack Hartmann, All I Really Need by Raffi is cute too!
Celina Norris Davis 
We end our program with a song called Well, it’s been fun. It is emotional and sums it all up for us. It also has nothing to do with 1st grade etc, so it’s appropriate for those kids not being promoted as well. 🙂
Belinda Chandler
For the past 2 years, I have had my PreK classes sing “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Grogan. They actually remember the words and sing it well, and the parents love it!
Keri Hughes
We sang “my wish” by rascal flats
Jennifer Ranck 
I found it, it is called fun finish. We are practicing it is a really cute song! If anyone would like the words let me know.
Stephanie Biggins-Pacheco 
My daughter’s class sang and signed What a Wonderful World. It was beautiful.
Cindy Waters Hill 
New words to “Hey Look Us Over” tune.
“Hey look us over, lend us an ear (hand to ear),
almost out of Kindergarten, smart up to here (hand at forehead).
We know our ABC’s, count to 100 too,
we went to ________ and to _____ ________ ________ _______(fill in blanks with field trip places).
So give us a hand now (clap)
as proudly we stand (stand at attention),
we can do most anything the future can demand!
With a little help from our families (point to parents) ,
we’re sure to be number 1 (hold up one finger)
So look out world (hands on hips)
HERE WE COME! (shake pointer finger)
—–The kids really enjoy it.
Donna Moore Teaff 
There is a song called “We Had Fun in Kindergarten”, also there is one to the tune of “New York, New York” its about going to 1st grade. & Jump Into June
Susan Harp 
These songs made me so sad. Just was told that my principal is moving me to first grade after 33 years in Kindergarten. Such a sad time for me. Nothing is like the K kids.
Jennifer Ranck 
One Small Voice by Jack Hartmann is the best! I play it every year!
Amy Ragozine Canterino 
Jack Hartmann’s …Give Them A Chance To Be Children (Learning to Love CD)
Amy Rambert 
I’ve used Time of Your Life by Good Riddance and also The Climb by Miley Cyrus. Also, is a great media tool. very simple. It’s free but I’ve paid to upgrade because they offer more. $40 for a year with a free dvd.

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