Make your Writing Center the place to BE!

The Question:
I need some advice! My writing center has fallen down by the wayside in popularity! Does anybody have any ideas for some great writing center ideas!
The Answers:
Lori Fehr Crockett 
Make little “books” with copy paper for the inside pages and a construction paper cover. You can make these in all different fun sizes. The children can write and illustrate a book and design a cover and title page…. they will love it!
Markesha Wattree 
I buy a stack of cheap thank you cards and allow the children to write thank you messages to someone, then they put it in our classroom mailbox. At the end of the week we read them and deliver them to the recipient if possible. I also include letter, number, and picture stencils for those reluctant writers.
Donna Plunkett 
I keep clipboards so they can write around the room and also with popularity, I put letter starters and envelopes to write letters to their friends. Also a light brite and magnet letters and a white board to practice sight words.
Kellie Walshaw Evans 
I, too,  do write the room with clip boards. They love it! They feel grown up using the boards.
Susan Lubic 
I put stamps and fun writing utensils in mine. Also put dictionaries, restaurant menus, and other environmental print examples for them to copy etc.
Karen Salter
 I put a basket of various items like happy meal figurines, etc. They pick one item from the basket and then have to write to describe it.
Stephanie Gault Albarez 
Reading/writing glasses (cheap sunglasses or those huge sunglasses) magna doodle boards, clip boards, small dry erase boards, spiral notebooks, binders full of loose leaf paper
Christina Lambert Powell 
I put out water colors and let them illustrate their stories in a “new” way this time of year. I also let them make signs to hang around the room or to send out a message (like lost kitten) and such. Just change it up in little ways.
Diane Henderson 
I collected stationery, cards, postcards, colored envelopes etc with pretend “stamps” and a multi-colored stamp pad with various seasonal stamps. My kiddo’s LOVED writing “I love you” notes to family and friends and then taking them home and leaving them in a surprise type place like on their parent’s pillow, in a kitchen drawer, on the toilet seat. This center became so “hot” that I had to limit the amount of “mail” they could write each day.
Amanda Weaver 
A coworker of mine wrapped something in a box like a gift and had them write about it. They got to open it to see what was inside after everyone had a turn!
Beth Jameson 
I love to read the Library Mouse books-inevitably someone asks to start making books. I then supply paper, staplers, etc. and they go crazy writing their own books.
Missy Gannon Kacy 
Don’t forget funky-sized, shaped, colored writing utensils! A feathered pen is way more fun than a regular pencil! You could also put thematic things in there. What about a secret character who leaves messages for your class to respond to?
Karen Burnat 
I just bought big magnifying glasses from the dollar store. They love looking up words in the dictionary or finding sight words from pieces of newspaper.
Teresa Krutsinger-Knight 
I use the fun large pencils with the write the room clipboards.
Sherri Benz MacLean
 I also collect cards but in addition, I save cards sent to my family and me, tear off the covers, and place in my writing station. The kids cut out the pictures, paste to paper, and create their own “new” cards. They LOVE to make and give cards to their friends and family! My students have a mailbox center where I place their graded papers and daily folders and they can “mail” each other cards and letters at the writing station. They really have fun with this! And I agree–keep an eye out at dollar stores and clearance racks for fun writing materials.

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