A Class with a LOT of BOYS…Help!

The Question:
Next year I am having a class with 13 boys. Any suggestions?
The Answers:
Carolyn Zimmerman
 You will have the BEST year ever!!!! I love when I’m heavy with boys- Trust me there will be a lot LESS drama!!!! I dream of classes heavy in boys!!! Have a fabulous year!
Andrea Bortner 
Had that this year! Be flexible, expect them to joke around a little, and expect some pretty “interesting” handwriting, but other than that it’s not too different!
Elizabeth Ann 
Holly Krug Williams 
Lots of sleep. I had 14 boys & 7 girls a few years ago. The class will be noisier, busier, and wilder than usual. Going into it with a good attitude is the best. Find as much hands on activities as possible. Also make sure you move, sing, dance and/or exercise with the group often. Dr Jean and Heidi songs will help.
Katie Kincart Williams 
I had a class with 18 boys and 6 girls. It was a crazy and very active year. We did more hands on activites, brainbreaks, and implemented a lot of sensory integration in our day. I also had a standing station for those who did not like to sit and work.
Amber Monson Schaefer 
Lots of love, just like always.
Lois A Bucci
I agree with Carolyn. I prefer to be boy heavy. Theres a lot less bickering, tattling and “she’s not my friend!”
Sally Kruse
 Run as fast as you can, out the door and apply at Wal-mart… ; )
Vicki Oliver Krueger
 Is that all? Are there any girls? I’ll have 14 boys and 8 girls.
Mary Emily Noble 
You will have a fantastic year! My first year I had 13 boys and 9 girls. Set your expectations and stick with them, but know your crew might need more brain breaks and run around time. Be flexible, but it will be great.
Elizabeth Haney Leitko
 Prayer 🙂 I had 14 boys and 6 girls— just be on your feet, ready to go, and remember boys like hugs just as much, if not more, than girls.
Erin Herward Thurston
 I have 2 young sons and definitely have a special place in my heart for boys.  I think having a well paced day is key. Lots of short recess breaks, etc.
Joan M. Baggs
 I had 13 boys this year. I agree with Carolyn and Andrea.
Sarah Rose
 Lots of movement, hands on, and “gross” activities/ Boys like that stuff that makes you go EWWW! haha…and try to link things to their interests…it’s simple,  when we’d do subtraction on the interactive board I’d use video game characters ….and make story problems like “I was playing sonic and had 5 lives but, then I died twice before I quit for the night. How many lives do I have left when I start playing tomorrow?”
Lisa Ferron Collins
 Run with it, not away from it! Give me a classroom full of boys any day! Maybe it’s because I’m a mom of three boys, but I love them!
Kim Williams Heumann
 I’d rather have 13 boys than 13 girls!!! You’ll have a great year!
Kelly Shultz Little
 I teach with Holly Krug Williams, and I too remember the year we each had twice as many boys as girls. “Ditto” everything that she said, and eat a good breakfast every morning:) There will definitely be much less drama and tattling !
Maria Cristina Acevedo Negrón
 Comfortable clothes! 🙂
Jennifer Tucker Morales
 That’s me every year! They do tend to have more energy but the trade off is less “she’s my friend, she’s not my friend, you’re not coming to my birthday party” drama! You’ll be fine!
Keri Smith Thomas 
One year our school separated the boys and girls in kindergarten. I had all 21 boys! It was one of the best years I’ve had in 22 years of teaching K!!
Katie McNeil 
Dance alot, move alot
Jessica Kettleson Carroll
 I had a class with 15 boys (and 16 girls!) and over half were just starting to learn English. I had a half hour of help for kids learning English and that’s all. Had a great year…you just never know! Good luck!
Danica Massey Firth
 Last year I had 22 boys and 9 girls. It was noisy and energetic! Everyone already gave great suggestions but I’ll just say don’t fight it-roll with it!
Mary Hewitt 
I had 9 boys and 5 giirls this year – I wouldn’t say less tattling cause my boys tattled a lot this year. It was a very ACTIVE class – unlike the first time I was heavy in boys, some of my boys were strong students and that helped. My first year I had 11 boys and they were young and some stuggled and made the year interesting. I agree lots of movemnt, hands on, and clear rules to follow. :o)
Melissa Kiss
 I just had 15 boys and 8 girls and the boys actually out did the girls in the drama department! Best advice, set your expectation early and stick with them. They all need to know what is expected of them and what the consequences are if they aren’t met. Standing up while working is definitely a needed option as is movable transitions between activities (Example: they would ‘file’ their own papers after January and would need to hop/tiptoe/slow motion walk/etc…to their mailboxes and ??? on the return trip to their seats). Have routines set in place for walking in the hall to minimize the ‘sillies’ (we walk on the center line and will do things (copycat style) with our arms/hands to ensure they aren’t touching others or the artwork on the walls) and when lining up at lunch, after recess, in the classroom (some of our teacher’s have them line up in a set order, only ones that can ‘break’ the rule are the line leader and caboose). Main thing is expect the unexpected and roll with it! Most of those times end up being teachable moments! 🙂
Tina Sandoval Plath I had 20 boys…33 students total. So I agree with whoever said run!
Kellie Walshaw Evans
 One year I had 16 boys and 5 girls…. I told parents that we were a football team with cheerleaders! We had lots, I mean lots of movement…..and lots of noise….but I had more love and hugs then ever!
Sara Steward Cooper
Jessica Abrams
Next year I have 16 girls and 5 boys..any advice on that?
Angie Curtis
Lots and lots of wine!
Brenda Smith Browning
 Recess!!! Recess is vital for all children, but especially for boys.
Latisia Craig 
Lots of non fiction read alouds!
Suzanne Giaimo
Ginger Dominy
 My best year ever was my boy heavy year! Way less drama. Keep ’em busy and stay consistent with expectations.
Michele Sum 
Good luck!
Deanna Rose Whitehead
I just finished a year with 20 kinder boys and 13 girls….you are going to appreciate the dismissal bell in an entirely new way!! My one suggestion would be to have lots of physical movement though the day…dancing, acting out stories, stretching, marching….good luck!!
Janine Aaland
 Enjoy!! Each class is different. Enjoy the change of pace and take each day as it come.
Keri Hughes
 I had 14 boys last year. It is the funniest year ever. Be very aware of materials. They can accidentally break everything. I also had several “islands” or individual desks. It’s just too much fun!! Little rascals is a great movie to watch. And the boys learn while moving!
 Oh and set goals early such as “if we go 11 days with no pushing we can get a goldfish”. I say 11 because Friday is always exhausting.
Cheryl Dycio 
I just finished a year with 15 boys and only 4 girls. Rollerskates may be helpful and keeping lots of movement incorporated throughout your day. I loved my boys but they are noisier and need to be more active.
Marybeth Simpson-Steeber
 Boys are soooooooo much easier than girls! More physical, so be sure to include frequent movement activities, but no lingering drama! They’re fun! And I usually have that many boys……AND that many girls, every year.
Loise Perkins
 Smile!! You will love it!
Lisa Marie Haboush 
Elizabeth Brown
 Just finished off the toughest year of my career with 17 boys and 10 girls. Prepare to monitor the boy’s bathroom religiously and have tons of sensory breaks. They were also awful listeners. They would just talk over me constantly and ignore me , much like my husband. 😉
Elizabeth Brown
 We started each morning with a run around the field too.
Rebecca Rosenberg 
Move all the furniture WAAAAY back.
Christine Holland 
Get together with other classes more, spread the love
Heather A Bissett
 Take a deep breath and pray. I had 11 boys this school year one who was ADHD and three more who would not stop talking
Heather A Bissett 
Get desks
Edie Naylor
 Make sure you have lots of books that will engage boys. My boys (and girls) ate up non-fiction books by Nic Bishop, about all kinds of insects and slimy things. My boys didn’t really want to listen to directions… but my husband doesn’t, either!
Jackie Ford
Holly Bertram
 It’s better than 13 drama filled, emotional girls:)
Deb Walker 
Between my morning and afternoon sessions, I had 18 boys and 4 girls this year. It was one of my best years ever! Like previous posters have said, I didn’t experience the “she’s not my friend” sort of drama. Incorporated lots of movement into our day, too. I’m gonna miss my boys this year. 🙂
Tracy Feeney
 I had 13 boys and 6 girls this year. It was interesting.
Sam Hart
 Read Minds of Boys! ! Great insight!! I love boys! This book or any about Boys will help since they really are wired differently!!! They aren’t trying to not behave- we just expect girl’s natural behavior to be the norm!
Adrienne Choma Sodemann 
Lots of movement activities!!!!!!!!
Danielle Savage
 I had 15 this year. Spread them out in lines and at tables. My whole middle reading group was 8 boys. Good luck 🙂
Liz Andersen 
I also had a lot of boys. We did a lot of competition games, movement songs, and whole body response. Good luck and have fun with it
Karen Norton-Smith
Read The Wonder of Boys!
Tammy Griffin 
I had that this year 14 boys and 8 girls (tomboys)! Advice: PRAY!!!!!
Sue MacAvoy Sweet
 I had 15 this year… its not the number of boys as much as the personalities! I had 9 boys the year before and I would take the 15 from this past year again over the 9 from the previous year!!!
Joanne MacConnell
 Pray alot!
Shannon Frey
 Run, far!! Lots of active breaks: jumping jacks, push ups, hoppity hops, ski jumpers etc….
Kelly Wilner Callahan
 This past year I had 19 boys and 7 girls! Just plan on lots of gross motor/movement activities!!
Wendy Lee
Start praying!
Mick Forstag 
Yes. They’re called “Zip Ties”.
Jennifer Mewhorter Bonds 
I had 11 this year and 7 girls, lots of hands on activities, lots and lots of movement! Lots of noise and laughing and boy like noises. Go into it with good feelings! Mine pushed each other academically, when seated spread them out– it gives a little break.
Katharine Vera Noble 
Learn to meditate and take lots of time for yourself in the evenings (go running, practice photography… whatever it is you do…).
Linda Cannella Miller Eyes behind your head!
Anissa Jo Mirtes
 Get ready to laugh a lot. I had 17 boys this year. They can be so silly.
Misty Tindell Sparks
 RUN…run fast and run far! 🙂 I had 15 boys and 6 girls last year. It darn near killed me. But we all survived and are better for having gotten to know each other.
Julie Rapp Holzenthal 
Be thankful its not 13 girls… Trust me!
Gail L. Martin
 I’m not a teacher… But that sounds better than 13 girls. You are an awesome BOY mom. You can do it and make it successful. I have all the faith in you Danica!
Alice Mullin
 I have one with 17, let me know if you hear anything amazing
Jackie Farmer
Debbie Clardy Baker
 I agree with the one that said it was better than having the girls with all the drama.
Jessica Bozza 
Depends on their age/grade. I’m prek and have had 12 out of 15 boys before…lots of cars/trucks/buidling materials. Lots of hands on and a lot of actice play, jumping, exercise, outside time, nature walks. Tire them out.
Cheri Dodson Smith
 I had 16 boys and one girl last year…and I made up movements to go with EVERYTHING….boys do learn by moving…the hardest thing was lining up….because they ALL wanted to be first…very competitive…be VERY consistent with rules and procedures…and I don’t remember who posted this…but the bathroom talk HAS to happen…remind them to take good aim!
Beth Williamson Stephens
sorry… I had 15 last year and my advice is to start praying now and for what its worth you will survive!

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