Creative Name Tag Ideas Galore!

The Question:
I’m looking for ideas for name tags this year. I did pin-on ones last year, but want something the kids can do themselves. I’m thinking about clip on, or someone mentioned “wristlets”…
The Answers:
Allison DeNoyelles Dungan 
Last year I got the plastic nametag sleeves with clips and just put in the stick on name tags. They worked great! The kiddos wore them for the first full week anytime they left the room (music, pe, lunch, etc). I kept them in my sub tub for the rest of the year. The kids could clip them on themselves. I’ll be using them again this year!
Buena Kaylor 
Wristlets! what a good idea, especially for field trips! We just went on one and I didn’t want to put names on them…so I ended up with numbers (I had the list of who was what number) and put them on name tags on their backs (so they wouldn’t take them off…and put them on…and take them off… :)) Wristlets would be perfect. Where can you buy ones like you get at the zoo or water park?
Wristband would probably be a better term (wristlets seem to be little purses) Anyone have any idea where I would order such a thing?
BTW…we used the ID’s from Oriental Trading Company last year. They were great…but we could not keep them out of mouths! They got really nasty.
Chrissy Pierson
 I like the velcro ones (Oriental Trading and Lakeshore both sell them). They don’t strangle the kids necks and the name tag is high enough so you can read them while the kindergartners are sitting down at their table.
Robin A’Ree Rutherford 
Our school does dismissal tags in the plastic name badge holders, then use a hairband as the wrist strap. They last as long as we need them. We put their first and last name, teachers name and check one of the boxes on the corners according to how they go home.
When I was student teaching, the teacher used a square of felt with their name painted on it in acrylic paint and used a safety pin. I came in for the second semester and the kids could do them by themselves. I’m sure they couldn’t at the beginning tho.
Sara Montgomery Tucker 
I’ve used the clip-on plastic ones, like what you get at a conference. They worked well and lasted a long time. I have a friend with a GBC lamintor that uses the plastic pouches so the nametag is completely sealed up.
Deb Haffner
 Over 30 years, I have tried everything and last year actually had name tags that lasted ALL year!
Wal-Mart has clip on name tags & holders for the best price. I always wanted to try them but did not want to spend high dollar from office supply stores. The kids could clip them to their collar (great fine motor) or help a friend. We use individual school boxes so they were stored in there, which save time. I also found just printing pages of labels is very handy.
 Our bus drivers use a wristlet type to hook onto backpacks. Each bus has a different color so we all can see if they are on the correct bus.
Annmarie Smith
 Highlights magazine free teacher gifts have great name tags. They Velcro around the neck.
Nadine Inglis Berger
 I can’t take credit for this….I got it from Kelly’s Kindergarten…purchase 1 or 2 inexpensive 3 ring binders (the really cheap floppy kind). Using a permanent marker of pen, trace a name tag in your desired shaped. Cut out nametag with a pair of scissors. Using a hole punch, punch three holes very close together to form a small “rectangle” to put a nametag clip through. Write child’s information on the tag with a permanent marker.
Vicki Oliver Krueger 
I used plastic sleeves and used WordArt in Microsoft Word to create the first type of font that is hollow and I used Century Gothic BOLD and filled in the name around the nametag area. On the first day of school, as they came in, they got to color in their nametag and used it the whole school year. (Make sure not to have BLACK as an option for those who may scribble out their name)
Sara Steward Cooper 
I bought 2 of the plastic flexible 3 ring binders. Cut them to the right size, punch a hole and use a badge clip. You can buy them in all colors and use a sharpie to write names, or groups on them. They last forever!
Laurie Chvatal 
A laminated 3×5 card or 4×6 card with two holes punched in it to be worn with string or bead necklaces
Julie Prather Eikenbary 
I use the plastic clip on name tags. The kids can pinch the name tags on themselves and they last from year to year, just changing out the name tag.
Debbie Wood
 I love reading this stuff.
Carole Rohde
 I also put a reverse side for field trips with School name, teacher last name.
Nancy Jones
 I have used the clip-on plastic pocket name tags from WalMart for several years. One problem I had with them was the insert would get wet when they got drinks, so I would recommend taping the top shut. Last year I tried laminating the inserts first, but it was still a problem with some. Mine include name, rm. #, teacher, bus # and address for the bus driver. Try to color code or use a sticker for a quick visual to see if they are with the right group for buses.
For field trips I insert one that has our school name and phone number at the top. Depending on where we are going it might just have that info (in case they get separated) or it might have their first names so they can be addressed by name if it is for an interactive situation. I also use them for Field Day and use different colored inserts with first names. Easy to break into teams. I also keep the tags in my sub box if a sub wants to use them. Special class teachers and playground aides really like them in September.
Cori Newman
 Have you tried the melted solo cup nametags? I’ve used the same set for two years in a row now! All you do is melt solo cups in a 350 degree oven for 3-4 minutes. Place the cups on foil sprayed with Pam. Immediately after taking them out of the oven, pat them down to completely flatten them. I punched a hole at the top as quickly as possible because it is easier when they soft, but I’ve heard you can also drill holes in them later. Then you just tie on yarn to make a necklace, write names on with a sharpie, and you have a VERY durable nametag!! Look at this website and scroll down to the apple nametags to get a visual:
Emily Ray 
I prefer bulletin board border crowns. Their names are easily seen if you write it twice…can laminate to make them durable. Be sure to put the smooth edge of the staples on the inside too. A lighter color is best with dark marker.
Kelli Smith 
I do a little die cut of something that matches the theme of my room. I write their name and then they trace it and decorate around it. Punch a hole for a yarn necklace and voila! I take them back up then and laminate them so they’re later available for when I have subs!
Teresa Martinez 
I wrote their names on sentence strips, they trace & decorate them & then I staple them to fit their heads & they can wear them as crowns. They don’t last forever but it’s a fun activity for them to do at the beginning of the year.
Dolores O’Malley
 Thanks so much for all the great ideas!! I have a few new ones to try! 🙂
Julie Speck
 I have a “name tag expert” list and put kids names that are really good at clipping their name tags and will can help others. You’d be surprised how fast some kids learn so they can get their name on our expert list!

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