Teachers (mostly) LOVE having their children at the same school.

The Question:
Have any of you K teachers sent your own child to your school? I have a 3 year old son and am wondering about the pros and cons of having your own child at your school. There are other schools in our area, so it’s a decision we’ll have to make.
The Answers:
Stacey Massey McCartney
 I have had my boys at the same school as me for the past 5 yrs and I loved it. I was able to pick their teachers and keep track of work and things. I think they liked having me on campus too. This year they will be at a different school and it makes me sad!
Jami Gregory
 I love having my kids at my school. My daughter was at our home school and now is at mine and it is much better.
Katie Emard Knapp
 I had mine in my class this past year because we only have one of each grade. I was so nervous but it was a great experience for both of us!!
Sara Steward Cooper 
My son is now in 4th grade at my school. I brought him with me since he was in Kinder. He was NOT in my class…but, I love having him with me. I love that I can hand pick his teachers, I love that I know his friends…I love that I have 40 extra adults “looking out for him” each day…
Angie Jeffrey Rhodes
I love having my kids with me at school! I know & trust the teachers I work with and I get to be a part of my kids’ school life. Plus, it makes the morning & evening commute much less complicated. Also, we have the same evening school functions.
 Keri Hughes
 It is the perk of having a teacher mom
Katie Radawitz Powell
 Mine goes to another school in the district where we live and I love going to “His” school and being just a parent, if he was at mine,, I would be a coworker and a parent. I like him having his own school:) not mom’s school.
Talea Doner
 Love having my kids at my school! I was even my boys’ kindergarten math teacher! I was able to stay on top of all the happenings that were going on by us all being together!
Maria Sykes 
I won’t just because my teammates are my close friends and I like them to have that type of relationship with my daughter. We live in district so I will know her teachers at any school, but just as collegues. I prefer a home/school separation.
Katy English Peveto 
My daughter is in 3rd grade at my school. Our school is the best school in our town. I would not want her any where else! Good luck with your decision.
Tammy Messer Shelton
 My five go to my school and I love it. Mainly because I know -really know- their teachers. I get stories about their day and previews of projects they are working on. It is a special time in their lives. ( I also know their friends and the families of their friends!) I’m thankful for the opportunity to have them with me.
Erin Herward Thurston
 My son is starting Kindergarten in September. He is going to our neighborhood school, not the school where I teach. Both are part of the same school system though. We wanted him to have the neighborhood school experience and be with his friends. And we wanted him to be his own person, not just be Mrs. Thurston’s son. He is very excited about starting. It’s a bit surreal for me to see everything from the other side, but I know he will love it.
Marla Leierer Claffey
 I have seen it work really good and not so good. My daughter went to my school kinder through third. I was able to hand pick her teachers. BUT after all was done and said……she went back to her home school in 4th grade. We live in a smaller town and a lot of the kids had established friendships since kindergarten. I would do kinder at your school maybe and then send her back to her home school after that. That is what I wished I had done and she feels the same. She was the new kid. Good luck with your decision.
Jackie Fernholm Livingston 
I love having my children in the same school as myself and I had the wonderful experience of having them in my classroom too.
Chasity Wade-Sharp 
I have my kiddos at my school, and I love it. They were students there, before I worked there. This last year was great having three of my four with me every day.
Susan Daniels Moore
 There are 8 of us in my building who all bring our kids with us and we wouldn’t trade it for anything. Drop off and pick up are no problem and when we have our collab meeting on Wednesday night, all of our kids go to the room next door and play together. We don’t worry about them since they are all together and we can usually hear them. 🙂
Julianne Delaway
 My son goes to my school and I LOVE IT! I feel so secure knowing where he is and that if he gets hurt I am seconds away. He was not in my class–wouldn’t want that! But his teachers would come to me in the middle of the day and show me something he wrote or drew and that would MAKE MY DAY! or seeing him in the hallway on my way to library was SO AWESOME! And the drive to school together was so much fun 🙂 So many other positives and no negatives!
Amy Hofferica Ryan
 I loved having my son on campus with me for the past 10 years and although there were a few challenging moments, I even enjoyed teaching him when he was in my Kindergarten class! (especially when he’d call me Mrs. Ryan when I tucked him in at night!) He never took advantage of the situation and really did fine. Knowing he was close by was a blessing! It will be a a melancholy moment when school starts this year and he’ll be at the high school down the street…<sniff, sniff>
Kristi Tribble Dorant 
I have my son at my school and it has worked out great. I see him enough to feel like I am able to be involved and don’t see him too much to be a problem.
Jennifer Copsey-Simmons 
It’s wonderful! It was the best of both worlds. I could work and see my kids at lunch or parties if I wanted! Now, they did have to be more responsible than others at times. They had to understand mommy had to do her job! The best part is they value what I do, they know the value of children and doing your best! I’ve overheard them tell children, “Don’t worry, my mom is here for you!”
Nadine Inglis Berger 
I worked for a principal who did not believe in having staff children at school… he had his school, his wife had her school, and the kids were at a third school. When my daughter began school, she was with me, but circumstances forced me to switch schools and there was no way on the face of the earth I would have put her where I was. So I did the second best thing and moved her to a school near my school.
Karen Hapli 
Both of my kids went to my school. It’s been wonderful for all of us — wouldn’t trade this perk for the world.
Lisa Prather Norsworthy
 My oldest started school at my school. Honestly, I did not get to see him often because I was busy in my classroom. As my other children started school I decided to send them to our neighborhood school. So happy I did! At my school I am a teacher…when I visit theirs…I am a mom!! I love having the two separate!
Tammy Scott 
My 4 year old will be starting pre-k in my building this year. I won’t have to worry about what to do with him after school. I still have mixed feeling about bringing him with me.
Celina Norris Davis
 I’m very sad that my daughter is going to have to go to another school for pre-k this year b/c we didn’t have enough room for her at our school. 😦 So my son and I will get in my car and go to our school while my daughter will be taken by other family members to her school.
Monica Hegwood 
Not only do my two oldest children go to my school, but I have taught both of them. One in 2nd grade and one in KG. 😉
Sally Howard Teaney
 Love having my daughter at my school! Very happy with that decision!
Kristen Fuller 
All three of mine have gone to my school. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Now I have one in high school, one in middle school, and my youngest will be in 1st grade at my school. =)
Jodeen Maness 
I actually am switching & teaching at the school my son will go to next year because of the pros: you know the curriculum expectations, you know which teachers go above & beyond & are truly there for the kids. You don’t have to put them on the bus to after school care if you have to work in your room after school–they come to you. You can attend their special events if they don’t conflict with your teaching schedule. When you’re at 2 different schools you have to take a day off. You also build a strong relationship with your child’s teachers because you work closely. I feel I can be more open about my concerns knowing the faculty. Also when your child is sick and goes to the nurse, you’re right there.
Cons: sometimes just because they are the teacher’s kids they get a little more leeway when it comes to discipline.
Alice Sandy Brewster 
My daughter went to my school and was in my kinder class and it was fine. She was very independent which is why it worked. It was nice to have her at my school.
Dana McMinn Westveer
 One down side is never having any time to yourself.
Melanie Runyon Hope
 My child goes to the same school where my husband and I both teach. She has never had me for class…and I wouldn’t recommend that any child have their parent for class (my parents were teachers too). However, unless my husband leaves our school, she will have science class with her father for at least 2 years (7th-8th).
Maria Sykes 
I am shocked by all the schools that let you teach your own kids! I cannot imagine that being allowed in any district I have been in. Wow!
Paula Carpenter Smathers 
Loved having my kids with me at school !
Sam Hart
 I was a child of a teacher and I have taught teacher’s children. I think kids really need their own school identity. I agree with Maria and prefer a home/school separation!
Marcy Davis Wegner 
I absolutely loved being at the same school as my kids! I knew all their friends and their families, was very connected to what was happening with their teachers…I can’t say enough good things. We moved when my daughter started second grade, and it was never the same again.
Marisa Carpenter Wilson
 I have done both and have mixed emotions. If your child is unorganized, it hinders them because if they forget stuff, you can send them back to their classroom. That is just one example. They don’t have those luxuries when they leave you, then middle school is even more of a shock. My son also was allowed to pack up slowly so when he had to hurry to catch the bus, that was also hard. Those are things you could fix though with some work. My daughter didn’t have those issues. The perks are that you are there to give medicine, see class plays, be “buddies” with their classes,etc… Those are the great things! Another con is it is hard to get things done during your before and after school planning time. I got a lot more done when my son was at a different school.
 After I just typed my cons, I got a little sad because I just had my last year with my kids in my building. I do think the pros outweighed the cons! Just beware of my warnings if you have one of those unorganized kids:) You can set them up for success when they leave you.
Jonica Summersett Limes
 I took all three of my children to school with me for kindergarten. The district we live in only offers kindergarten 2 1/2 days a week on a rotating schedule…too crazy for our family’s schedule. The district I teach in has all day, every day so that worked much better for us. I was also able to have all three in my classroom (different years). I loved (almost) every minute of it! Not much time to yourself, but what a joy to watch your own child grow and develop in your classroom!
Bridget Bair Kallaos 
I agree with Dana, but I will only get this opportunity for a few years…then I’ll never have it back. There are more pro than cons.
Rca Young 
I brought my daughter to my school and LOVED it for the reasons mentioned – always there, hand picking her teachers and knowing her friends.
Teresa Nordstrom Sanchez
 All three of my kids are at my school and it has been a great experience. We have the same schedules, days off, etc. We talk about school on the drive in and drive home. They don’t seem to mind having their mom working at the same school either.
Chris Peloubet-Messer 
I wouldn’t want my kids to go anywhere else than where I am teaching.
Kristine Wood 
It was wonderful to have my daughter with me. Everything was easier with her right there. However, there tends to be favoritism. It wasn’t a big deal while she was with me but when she went to middle school it was a shock. They didn’t know me or her. So if she forgot an assignment she was marked. She couldn’t say oh it’s in my mom’s car or run to me for help. A real shocker. However, if I had to do it again I think I would keep her with me as long as I could. Time passes to fast. Just try to use discipline when dealing with certain issues. 🙂 good luck!!
Megan Buzzard
 I love it, but there is NO down time and my 3 boys could get quite rambunctious after school. I’m not sure I got much accomplished unless we went in before school started. My oldest is going to MS this year and although he’ll be missed, it’s 1 less kid in my room!
Sherry Hodge Ellis
 My two sons, who are now both on college, went to my elementary from k-6th. We all loved it and wouldn’t change a thing! It was hard to get used to not seeing them on campus once they left for junior high!
Julie Blalock Hansen 
My 2 daughters go to the school where I teach and for the most part it is a positive thing. I was not my oldest daughter’s kindergarten teacher, nor will I be my youngest daughter’s teacher this year, which helps with them being independent (one of my concerns was that they would think they could come running down the hall if there was a problem). With that said, it is nice if a problem does arise during the day (sick, forgotten lunch, change in extra curricular plans, etc.). I don’t have to leave my job or call my husband to take care of things. Another bonus is that our schedules are always the same and I don’t have to worry about leaving work to pick them up by a certain time. A few draw backs are that you never really have a moment to yourself during the day. They are with you when you leave in the morning and right there after school…sometimes I have a hard time wrapping up my day as a teacher because the girls want to tell me all about their day or we have to begin homework. I also find being a parent at the same school that I work in a bit challenging. The other parents can sometimes be reluctant to approach you for play dates & party invites because you’re a teacher, or just the opposite, feel because you’re both parent and teacher they can ask you EVERYTHING and give you a list of complaints and things the school should do differently…LOL! Overall, I find the positives outweigh the negatives. I love knowing their teachers on a personal & professional level and what goes on in the building on a daily basis. Hope this info helps & good luck with your decision!
Breeana Wallick
 I loved reading the other responses. I have a three year old as well and we live in the district where I teach. I am pretty certain that we will be sending her to my school unless I switch schools for some reason. My husband also teaches first grade at another school. I think that it would be great having her there. She’s going to preschool this year and is so disappointed that it isn’t at the school I teach at.
Elizabeth M Wegner 
I was the music teacher for both of my children from pre through grade 8. Pros: great post lesson discussions at home. Getting to see them during the day. Cons: Discipline( I was blessed to be able to send them to some one else) Coming home and having them say: YOU can’t boss us now. it’s not school.
Heather Hargis
 I have loved having my children at school with me for the past 11 years. I saw them in the morning and sometimes at lunch. They were treated like any other student at school. It does make it easier to talk with their teachers and you don’t have to support 2 separate schools.
Lorna Weikum Miller
 My children went to my school with me throughout their elementary years and I loved having them close by. Cons can be that sometimes teachers are afraid that they can discipline your child because you are their coworker. I let all of their teachers know from the beginning that they were to be treated the same as everyone else. I’ve also had the experience of having teachers’ children in my class. Being at the same school allowed those parents to be more involved than if they were at different schools. I wouldn’t have been able to help with special projects, read to the class, etc without taking personal days off if they hadn’t been at my school.
Nuala O’ Sullivan 
Both my kiddos went to the school where I taught. They are now in middle and high school and as I look back on those days, I would have to say they were the best days of our lives! My kids loved coming to school with me and knowing there were a few doors away from me gave me a sense of security that cannot be explained! They still talk about how fun it was coming to school with mom! One time they asked me if I could drop them a block away from the school so they could be like the other kids but that didn’t last long!! So, best of luck with your decision!
Sara Steward Cooper
 Another perk is when he’s had a special event or performance, my team will cover my class so I can run over and be there. I never had to get a sub for any special event he had.  A con, however, is on a sick day for me, I still have to drive him to school (we are in a school not in our city).
Cheryl Dycio
 I just had a student this past year whose mom teaches K with me. I really think she enjoyed having him in our building. She was able to be with him when we did special things as a K team and in some ways I think I enjoyed having him in my class even more than she did. He was a huge help if I needed a helper because he really knew everyone and where things were, so he could do errands and such. Especially at the beginning of the year, when others weren’t as comfortable with the lay-out of the building. I will probably have her daughter in a few years too and I look forward to that as well.
Karen O’Brien
 My oldest was @ my private school from 12 weeks until 3 1/2 years when we changed schools together & we stayed together until he started public kindergarten in our neighborhood with his friends. My youngest had a nanny until 2 years of age & we had schools together again until she started public kindergarten. When I switched to public school I had the option to bring my youngest with me, but he had friends & they live in our neighborhood so I opted to leave him @ his school. Now as I am contemplating the middle school & senior high years I am investigating another private school for me so I can have my youngest with me.
Melissa Mullin Beykirch
 My children went to school with me K through 2nd then they went to a different school in the same district. I know they did not like having me just down the hall but as a busy Mom it was so nice having them on my schedule. It also helped to develop great homework habits as I had them start their homework in my classroom as I cleaned up and got ready for the next day. When they were in 3rd to 5th they would get on the bus and get dropped off at my school. This put them in my classroom about 15 minutes before our dismissal and they automatically sat at the back table and did their homework. When I started letting them take the bus home their homework was done before I was home. And even today with my son’s busy sports schedule – homework is the first thing he does when he gets home. Silly – but I really think this habit started back in the primary years.
The Kindergarten Chick 
Yes, it worked out great!
Chrissy Pierson
 I don’t teach in the town I live in so my son isn’t allowed in my school. (school policy… you have to be a resident of the town). I wish he could… it would make things a lot easier. We have different half days, professional days etc. even our start and ending times are different. I have to hire a pre and post daycare person. He can’t just hang out in my classroom until we drive home together. I don’t know any of the teachers at his school and I have no connection with the school. If I could… I would have him at my school.
Kimberly Knapp Splechter
My children go to my school as well. I had my oldest in Kindergarten a couple years ago and she did fine! I will have my youngest this year which might be a challenge! LOL But I wouldn’t trade it for anything!
Jennifer Gaynor
 My children have never been students at my school. They are great kids and I surely missed them during the day (and also missed a lot of their school events!), but I think it was good for helping them to be independent and for helping me to refrain from trying to be in control of every little thing. As a parent, it helps you to let go a little. On another note, I wonder if many of you who took your own child to school with you have had many experiences teaching your coworkers children…it can be quite interesting!
Chrissy Pierson
 ah… thinking about your last statement. I once had a coworkers child and it was tense at times. We finally agreed to disagree on teaching methods. I think I would be okay being the parent of a coworker’s student but I can see where things could get sticky especially if your child is challenging.
Diana Herron Prkut 
I started teaching at the school my kids went to when they were in 2nd grade. I liked it.
I had to be careful when I was the teacher who saw a kid in the school do something wrong.  I would have another teacher writte them up so there would be no retaliation on the twins.  Our district will not let you teach your own children, which is ok. My kids are now in 10th grade and they said that they wish I hadn’t  taught at their school. I have really good kids, they just didn’t like sharing me with all their classmates.
Jennifer Ammones Howard
 My son was at my school for 3 years, pre k, k and 1st. Where it was nice for him to be with me at school, it was also hard. My son can be a handful at times, and I got very tired of everyone(students and teachers) constantly telling me when he was in trouble. It made it very hard to teach that year. He goes to our neighborhood school now and he loves it! It is like he has his own identity now! It is good for both of us.
Melissa McLaughlin Muralles
 Love, love, love having my kids with me at school. I get to be there for their activities and if I’m lucky my block is their lunch and I can go give them a quick smooch and hello!! My kindergarten kids LOVE my kids. They think they are famous and look up to them! This year was the first year my son (a freshman in high school) was not with me. (I teach at a k-8). My daughter will be in eighth grade this year. It’s our last year together and it is sad. At least their high school is right across the street!!
Lisa Roberson Bagley 
When i lived in Mississippi, my children all went to school with me until they got to a grade that my school didn’t offer. I loved it bcause I got to see all their programs/ awards day, and choose their teacher. Last year we moved to Louisiana and my two oldest went to middle school but my youngest (who will now be in 4th grade), went to my school. The school hours are different here in my parish due to bus issues, so my school starts a little later and we get out later. I ended up still going to work earlier than required just to get things accomplished and wound up staying to at least 5 every day. My daughter absolutely hates staying after school with me every day till 5, and I don’t blame her. This year we have made the decision to let her go to the school she should go to and I pray it is the right decision. She will ride to school in the morning with a neighbor friend and ride the bus home in the afternoon. My oldest children will already be home, and she won’t have to stay at work with me till 5 everyday. Even though I work at the school, I always felt like I couldn’t speak my mind or ask questions, because of that. It was always awkward.
Laura Atwood Jimenez 
So far it has been a positive to have my daughter at my school. I can attend her award assemblies or special events without having to call in a sub. I know the students in her grade, plus their parents.
Elena Suarez Smith
 I struggled with this decision too. I ultimately decided that my daughter should go to our neighborhood school rather than mine. Before I had her, I was the teacher that stayed very late. My choice reminds me to go home at a reasonable time so that way I can give her the time she deserves.
Diane Tetzner
 My mom was my kdg teacher. I am now 54 yrs old & teaching kdg. In my day there was only 1 kdg teacher. My mom went on to get her master’s in art. She then became my 7-12 grades art teacher. Years went on. She retired from public school& taught at a nearby college where I ended up taking both kdg & art method classes from her. I was in my early 30s & a non-traditional student.
There are pros & cons to everything, but in these situations I believe the pros out do the cons. You have your children for such a short time. I say spend as much time as you can with them.
If your school has more than one class room per grade- my advice would be to enroll your child NOT in your class, but in another class room.
Good luck with your choice. Let us know what you end up doing.
Mary Griese Davis
 I loved having my children at my elementary school!!!
Maxine Moller Holm 
It was fabulous for my daughter but much more challenging with my son (so he will attend a new school next year) because my daughter was the perfect student, quiet, responsible, etc…. My son, well not quite so much. Nothing awful, mostly normal behaviors from a boy, with some reading/ learning struggles thrown in. When we had to go head to head with teachers and fight for our son, it got rather unpleasant, being that they were my colleagues. Now he is moving for grade 5. My advice would be to weigh pros and cons and keep your mind open to making changes in your child’s best interest if necessary. I think it also depends on school atmosphere, administration and colleague acceptance. Another huge factor for my son.
I guess I would have to say the good things made it really good but when it got tough it made it very difficult at work and at home!
Gina Morris Annis
 All three of my children went to school with me. I think there are more positives than negatives. The only negative that I can recall is having some hurt/bad feelings about the teacher if my child misbehaved. Looking back, all kids are going to have a time where they misbehave. It’s best to accept that and not hold grudges. I loved the time saved by not having to travel to another school. I loved only having to go to ONE PTO meeting. I loved having everyone know my child by name. I loved having them with me that time we had a tornado warning and I KNEW where my child was. I loved watching my children play at recess, eat lunch with their friends, walk down the hallway … the positives are endless.
Debbie Kramer 
Yes! Both of my boys attended my school. It was wonderful for all of us. I could be there for award assemblies and special days, but since I was on the kinder schedule I was not always hovering. Only once did another teacher accost me in the supply room about a problem. I was always careful to send notes/emails if I needed to talk. My sons are now in High School and I miss them.
Nadine Inglis Berger 
ah. perfect segue…while I chose not to have my daughter with me for varying reasons, she did spend eight grades at the same school as her father… from what I observed, big mistake! The teachers wouldn’t wait until after school to discuss problems but went to him during the day..my daughter was pulled out of lunch one day being accused of cheating on a test… uh, NOT! she did chose to leave there after a year. I was reading this and was reminded of the biggest plus.. with my daughter at a separate school, I did get to be just mom when I went there.. and I liked learning how to just be a mom at school, not the teacher.
Tracy Feeney 
Yes, I loved it. My last one just left my school this year. It will be hard going back in September. No cons for me.
Nancy Woodward Hollingsworth 
My daughter and I were at the same school when she was in preschool. I loved it!
Jessica Marie
 As a teacher who has often had my colleagues’ children in my class, it is often more difficult than not. It really depends on your child and you. If you are the type of parent who can be honest and forthcoming about challenges that your child has, it could be okay. If your child has struggles academically or socially it can make your work environment very uncomfortable. Imagine his teacher having to discuss things with  you that you would rather not hear and then have to go to meetings etc with him or her. I have seen parents be afraid to speak up for their child when special needs arose because they didn’t want to step on toes professionally. Also if your child has separation anxiety or issues, being in close proximity often makes it worse. I have had children pretending to be sick just to go see mom down the hall or crying and refusing to sit with the class at all school meetings. Out of a handful of these experiences I only saw one of them being positive. The others I wished they had sent their children elsewhere. They didn’t realize it but it would have been much better for them and their child. I think it can get very messy unless your child is developing typically and you can deal with potentially hearing hard things from colleagues about your child and you can keep the lines very clear.  I E. at school mommy is at work. We both have jobs to do.
Katie Dixon
 Personally no kids yet so I had never really thought about where they would go. I do remember being in school myself and the “teachers kid” getting more privileges so my first choice is send them to a different school. It always drove me crazy when they could run get something from their parent if they forgot when the rest of us couldn’t. I liked the comments about getting to be the mom not the teacher. I feel it would also help you communicate with your students’ parents if your children are not with you because you really understand how they feel when they drop their child off with you.
Angela Alderman Sullivan 
I think that, even without meaning to, co-workers would have different expectations for your child.
Jen Speck Rogan
 I have had all of my children in my school and loved it. This coming year, I will have the other kindergarten teacher’s son in my kindergarten class and she will have my youngest in hers:)
Jamie Matthews 
I had my both my sons in the classroom next door to me. It was never a problem and very convenient!
June Wegner-Morris 
Wouldn’t have it any other way! Both mine went to my school!
Peggy Vaughan Grier 
I had three of my kids on my campus. Loved it for them and me. Helped make the day run smoother, I could be there for special activities, I knew the teachers and could discuss anything with them. Would not have had it any other way.
Mary Gross-Urbaniak
 LOVED having my kids in my school- I even taught my daughter in K! It went really well for several reasons. They knew I was always there for them and I got to see all their special presentations. Also, it made it easier to keep track of them and their progress since I had the inside track. That came in handy with my teenage boy.
Laura Kreissl Sanregret 
Yes and no. I enjoyed knowing what was going on. I think they were treated a bit differently. I did not like having them in my classroom in the early am and late pm. They tended to mess things up.
Gigi Jones
 I taught at a one school district with one class per grade and didn’t try having my son in my first grade class, but he did attend Kindergarten there. I loved it. He loved it. I knew he was getting a fabulous first school experience because his Kindergarten teacher, and my good friend, is absolutely amazing!
PaulandWendy Houghtelling Wilson 
My kids went to my school. I just never was their teacher.
Susan Parker Lauer
 I chose not to bring my girls with me when I went back to teaching. The two main reasons were that they had already made friends at their school and were members of the jump rope team, an activity not offered at my school. Additionally, my school is still an open concept layout and I did not think It would be a good option for my daughter with an auditory processing problem. Another factor that played into the decision to leave them where they were was the two elementary schools feed to different middle schools. Our schools were only two miles apart, so I was able to make it to all of their performances. Sometimes I got a sub and sometimes I was able to make it with some help from my team and principal. I really liked it because it gave me a chance to switch rolls from teacher to mom on the way to pick them up!
Yasmin Dager Leyton
 all four of my kids were at the schools I taught at, it was private so that meant all 13 yrs, with K4, I’ve never regretted it. I believe the closeness and involvement made our relationship very close and never had any “teen” problems either.
Jessica Smith
 Love it so far! I like that I can see my child each day. We are together for the drive there and back. We will have the same days off. I know what it is going on better than I would if she were at another school. I can check her character for lack of better words. etc… I know that it is the right choice for me, but everybody is different! 🙂
Karen Burkel-Spaventa
 I love having my son in the same school I teach in. My k kiddos love to have him visit their classroom as well!

One thought on “Teachers (mostly) LOVE having their children at the same school.

  1. Interesting that teachers on the blog boast about choosing their kids’ teachers which is generally forbidden to parents. So yeah. Unfair and nepotistic.

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