How much money do YOU spend for classroom?

The Question:
How much of your own money do you spend to equip your classroom?
The Answers:
Sheri Meadows
Crystal Stancill Gallagher 
I spend less than $1 per child and you could always put the materials on the supply list!
Brenda Winter
 Too much!
Amy McGaughey Osborn 
LOTS!!!!!!!! :0)
Sue Van Gundy Bartuska
 A ridiculous amount!!!
Jean Popp Pachulski
In the past I spent almost 500.00 a year, no more.  No raise in three years and this year I have a daughter getting married. Time for all of us to hold on to our money and make our counties and parents accountable.
Brooke Ficarella Donnelly
 Too much!
Kim Nations Pool 
Honestly?? At LEAST $500 throughout the course of the year.
Kelly Anderson Lafferty
 Well, a lot! I have already spent around $200, and school doesn’t start until next week for me.
Karen Hollowell Gaduyon 
About $5-600 some years, other years less. We have to or the kids will not have what is needed to do the learning activities. Parents will sometimes step up and help, but it depends on the class.
Carolene Brooke 
Too much!
Ali Sharp
A truly TRULY unholy amount. But, it’s every bit worth it.
Heather Wells
 I do binders for my kids every year instead of regular folders. I’m lucky because I can buy my 1″ binders through the county supply warehouse for $0.88 a piece. I then add two folders – a behavior folder and a classwork folder (I try to get those cheap when the stores have sales). I put a zipper pouch in the front (the most expensive part for lunch money and notes from parents, usually runs about $1 each, sometimes I find them on sale for a bit less. Inside the binder I put a pen and note pad. In the back I have two pocket protectors that I put pre-printed absent notes for the parents to use, a copy of all of our sight words, and a reading log. I also print labels for the front, both front and back pockets, and the pouch and folders explaining what everything is (labels can be expensive too, but I usually have some leftovers from the year before so it helps cushion the cost each year). Depending on leftovers from the year before and how big my class is, I’d say I spend about $45-$50 out of my pocket for a class set. They are expensive and time consuming, but I LOVE them and it’s worth it to me. They also hold up all year, something a normal folder usually doesn’t do very well.
Cyndi Bernsen
 So far this year….around $500.00 and it’s only August!
Becky Streiker
 About one paycheck per year.
Heather Carbajales
Probably around $500 at least!
Jenny Doty
 You gals!?!?! So much money is wasted throughout the whole public system and the teachers are STILL the ones to pay for things. Sad. I love my private school. I am spoiled I guess. You all have big hearts but empty wallets and it’s just wrong.
Cindy Branam Boyer
I spend $2200-2400 every school year.
Lisa Adamson Ratley
 I spend on an average of 300 a year in my classroom. Some years I have parents who really help me out with buying treats and things and we do have a fee now that we can pull out of,  but still have to spend out of pocket a lot.
Heidi Harper-Wamser
 I’m with you, Cindy…..when my husband does our taxes at the end of the year, I have well over $2000 out of pocket every year!
Karen O’Brien
 I usually spent $200 at beginning getting items I knew I would use in the classroom. I bought a case of crayons, 24 count several years ago and they have lasted. I buy items on close out. @ Office Depot/ Office Max
Suzanne Ebling Gerczynski
 ‎@Jenny… you make as much money as the public school teachers in your area? I would take public schools over private any day for myself and my children!!
Melissa Skelton Armock
 I spend between $300 and $500 a year. I also have generous family members who contribute to my classroom. My students are worth it.
Suzanne Ebling Gerczynski
 I am spoiled everyday by the children in my class who shower me with their happy smiles and true love of learning…..completely priceless!
Mandy Deckerd
 If I had to guess, probably close to $1,000.
Erin Herward Thurston
 I probably spend $300 to $400 but usually get about half of that reimbursed from our PTA. Love our PTA!
Gini Sellers 
I don’t keep track and would be very afraid to find out just how much I spend! My daughter has told me before that I buy things all the time for my class, but not so much for her! 🙂
Teri Jo Shackles
 at least 500 every year but we have not had a raise in 2 years so I have cut back a lot. Plus you can only count $250 towards taxes.
Jean McMullin Thompson
 I try not to keep up with it. Some years more than others. That $250 doesn’t even TOUCH how much we spend.
Roxanne Lee 
I don’t keep track well enough but I would say a good $500 yearly. It is really sad that we have to spend so much out of our own pockets. People do not realize that the school does not supply us with everything that we need. Then there are parents who won’t send in a glue stick when we run out. It’s ridiculous!
Brenda Smith Browning 
I used to spend a lot of my own, but have gotten smarter through the years. Now, if I spend money, I save the receipts and hand them in for reimbursement. We have a weekly fundraiser called “Wacky Wednesday” that brings in $.
Trisha Loven
 Probably around $5-600! I’m afraid to add it up each year… 😦 I know it will be around $1200+ this year because I built furniture for my classroom. I count my $250 toward taxes of course, but has anyone else counted the rest towards a business expense? There’s other lines for unreimbursed employment expenses, so last year I counted the remaining amount on that. Was that wrong? I’d never done it before…didn’t get audited (yet)!
Marilyn Little Huff 
‎$1500 sounds about right…what is Wacky Wednesday and how do you raise money?
Mary Hewitt
 I spend a ton and its probably at least a paycheck a year before taxes. I love what I do . . . .so that helps!
Karen Kennedy
A guesstimate would be $300-$400 each year!
Vicki Harwood Guthrie
 I spend anywhere from $1500 – $2000 each year. This year I was bumped up to 1st grade, so I can’t wait to see the total on that!
Tina Marie Suleiman
 My first ten years, I would spend almost $1000 a year, but the last four or five years I’ve spent less and less. I honestly didn’t mind spending the money because doing all the fun cooking projects and crafts made teaching more fun for me. However, now that I’ve not had a raise in several years, they are doing away with tenure, pay for our evaluation is being implemented, insurance costs, retirement contribution, etc., etc., I now ask parents to sign up for cooking projects, film developing, and other special projects. Times have changed and I need to also.
Mary Bates Richter 
I’ve never kept track, any year, over my career. Always seemed like I picked up something every week for my classroom, my students, the families, the school. Now that retirement is around the corner, it’s “give-away” time to my peers rather than a giant yard sale. I couldn’t live any other way. (P.S. My husband will be thrilled in June!!)
Debi Gaver Ghazai 
Quite a bit!
Joan Cope 
Way too much.
Susan Parker Lauer
 Too much!
Karen Carriker
Over 200 max after 1st year… much can be made and matchy, cutsey is not near as important as you think.
Noelle English
I love my kids too….however I love my own personal kids at home and need to spend money on them! 🙂 I ask for specific donations and almost always get what I ask for. I try to spend nothing but I spent about $100 on back to school stuff….
Shae Smith Page 
I stopped counted past $600 this year and I am in my fifth year. I make almost everything, but it cost a lot for the supplies to make things too. I also do parent binders and furnish them completely out of pocket. The cost for those was around $50-$60 like someone else mentioned. We haven’t had a raise in 5 years. Our insurance actually went up, so it was a decrease in pay. Our state will decrease our pay again in October this year when they are raising what we contribute to our retirement. We are losing $1,000 of our salary to this. I hate spending the money every year on the journals, supplies, etc… But we get no classroom supply money. My daughter will be in school soon and I am giving my students the education I would want someone to give her.
Beth Jameson Tanner 
Last year, almost $4000. Had $250 for the year, no shelves, no materials, etc. This year I’m probably around $1000! And…I am a thrift store shopper. YIKES!!!!
Vicky Norton
 Too much! Probably $40-$50 some months….
Kristine Blackwell 
So much my husband asks each year if I’m paying them to teach(teach at a private school with a salary at least $20 000 LESS than public school).
Cecilia Doyle
 Way too much to count…way over the amount allowed on tax return. I am fortunate to have very generous parents most years who donate a lot too.
Melody Pruitt Vieth
Remember to try the Donor’s Choose website if you haven’t yet!!! I got 12 new chairs, 6 wireless headphones, and lots of new math games for free through them!
Cindy Tuisku 
My husband says of my kindergarten teaching job, “It’s not a job, it’s an expensive hobby.” if that gives you any idea of how much I spend!
Janelle Frisch Cox
 I spend over $1000 of my own money each year, but whatever I want for the class I get.
Buena Kaylor 
Way too much…and the school won’t reimburse. I save all my receipts for taxes.
Margie Cioci
 between $500-$1000 per year. Way too much!!!
Dana Pawlak
 about $5-600, sounds similar to most above. Sometimes it is higher, sometimes lower. Depends on the year, student needs and how many students I have.
Kelly Victor
 Between $500-$600 a year but each year depends on the number of students and how much I am adding or changing my teaching methods.
Debbie Wood
 We have been in school for 19 days and I have spent almost $200.
Shilo Rosalia 
Last year I cut back. When I went to do my taxes I had $1,300.00 worth of receipts. Those were the only ones I could find. Not counting all the $ I spent on books. I wonder what the years I didn’t cut back or save receipts totaled!!!
Donna Plunkett
 A lot!!!!!
Lisa Castelluccio Gosse
 At least a paycheck a year ($1600). Going into my 18th year, hmmmm do a total? No way…I love what I do and will NEVER stop!!!
Amber Monson Schaefer
 I spend way too much. In the past all the little project extras came out of pocket. I have a teammate who IS able to provide those things but I’ve put my foot down this year. If it can’t be donated, I’m not doing it. I hate to be that way, but my kids aren’t going to lack for a project or two.
Jennifer Magrane Boatwright
 The first 10-15 yrs, probably $3000 a year. I am in a district where we still get a raise every year. Great parent support the last few years and now only $1000 a yr, now extra money goes to purses and shoes!!!
Shannon Hargrove
 I try not to count it all… it’s too depressing. My hubby always says it is a good thing he has a job to support my “hobby” of teaching 🙂
Cynthia Pucci 
So far, $300
Amii Pearce 
Way too much. Especially since we have had salary cuts three years in a row 😦
Belinda Chandler
 A bit, but they’re worth it!!! Love my precious students, and their wonderful parents!
Allison Schiro Bruschetto
 So far about $600. I moved from 3rd grade to all day Kindergarten.

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