Plenty of Ideas for your Sensory Table

The Question:

Does anyone have any new Sensory Table Ideas?

Even the kids are bored with the old stuff!

The Answers:

Jacqueline Jo

Shaving cream…Dyed pasta noodles…Colored packing foam pieces…Seashells…Oatmeal…Sand..rice…Beads and Yarn.

Tina Yates Dunson

Colorful pom poms, packing foam pieces, beads…

Lynne Murray Smith

Around here we also use real snow:)

Kathi Patton 

Check out Steve Spangler science site online. He has this stuff called insta snow that is awesome! My kinders love it! It lasts awhile and is easy to replenish. Can be expensive with shipping but worth it.

Beth Shell

A fellow teacher introduced me to Snow Dough…8 cups flour to 1 cup baby oil. A double batch was plenty for a pretty large table. The dough is sort of crumbly but can be squeezed together to form snowballs, etc. Put silicone baking cups and the like in the table with it. The kids LOVED it. It was a little messy but pretty easily cleaned up.

We have done the insta~snow from Spangler…fun by expensive. The snow dough was just as fun and MUCH cheaper!

Amy Lindhurst

@ Beth ~ about how long does the snow dough last – how quickly does it dry out and can you revitalize it with a bit more oil?? Thanks for your help 🙂

@ Amy ~ snow dough lasts a LONG time but don’t save it from one year to the next. Don’t think it would last that long.  It also makes the room and your kids smell really nice!

Laura D’Amico

Sand mixed with glitter…salt…variety of pasta noodles…shredded paper…lids from a variety of containers…pebbles…easter grass…

Lisa Bourquin Bell

Rocks, kidney beans, rice, shells, sand, leaves/acorns in the fall, moon sand, pasta, Dr. Jean’s Sensory bottle ideas, magnets, pipe cleaners, hard marshmallows,

Julie Mayer Ferris

I haven’t tried it but looks neat is rainbow rice. You dye the rice different colors. You use food coloring and rubbing alcohol to dye it.

Nadine Inglis Berger

You can have sensory tables?

Lynne Murray Smith 

Also a hole punch and colored paper scraps…table contains the mess and hands get strengthened.

Jenny White 

My class loved putting long beads or wooden pegs into the top of a store- bought ketchup container. I bought a brand new one (really meant for anything in the kitchen. It is clear with a screw on lid). It is  great for fine motor development

Rita McWhorter Strange

My kids’ favorite is always flour.



Celia Rencher Snow 




Moon mud: cornstarch with water added to the right consistency which is this: it should be firm in your hand as long as it is moving, but as soon as you quit moving your fingers, it liquifies and runs through your fingers, then turns firm when you get it and start moving it again, Way fun. You can add color to it. I add black tempera and call it moom mud.




Barbara Hutchison 

Use tin cans that have been opened without a sharp edge, slide them inside an adult sock, put an feel item (key, rock, cotton ball, etc.) in the can. Then the students reach down through the sock to the can where they feel and guess what it is.

Ann Miller

Wow -these are some GREAT ideas -thank you! I am getting the ingredients for the snow dough this weekend and think I might try the salt. Those are two that I have never tried.


One thought on “Plenty of Ideas for your Sensory Table

  1. Buttons and spools, autumn nature items, glow in the dark stars along with melted marbles and other space themed items, dyed pasta with kitchen tools, flour, baby oil/flour recipe (actually add more oil) sparkly fake snow with arctic animals, real snow with mittens, sand with beach items, birdseed with valentines objects, jewelry ( old and broken items plus tons of Mardi Gras beads) green rice with farm toys and green rice with Easter toys, and finally…a pond! Yes, we add plastic pond lillies , plastic fish, rubber ducks, toy fogs and a nice layer of small river rock with tons of clear or blue melted marbles and water!

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