Melted Crayon Hearts


Happy Valentine’s, For Crayon Out Loud

I saw this idea for crayon valentine hearts last year on Chef Messy’s blog and for making them glitter on The Pink Hammer.

OK, first of all, just find some old crayons and chop them up.


I’m sure breaking them would also be sufficient, but we like things quick and, ehm, violent.

When you’re done destroying your crayons, put them in a bowl and let the kiddo stir.


Your bowl of crayons is probably going to be a blinding conglomeration of random colors, depending on how many neon crayons you threw in the mix, something like this…


And then you put them in a little heart shaped mold pan.  Ours is silicone, which I definitely recommend, because it makes them nice and easy to pop out.  (No idea how we would have gotten these out of a metal pan, actually).  You can get them in the craft section at WalMart.


And then you bake at 250 degrees for about fifteen minutes.  Give them plenty of time to cool.  When they’re done, and you’ve put them together and added a cheesy Valentine crayon slogan, they will look something like this…


Attach them to the paper backing with glue dots. Sign the back before attaching the hearts.Frommatt



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