12 Ideas to Celebrate the 100th Day of Kindergarten

punch100-Day Punch

10 cans Lemon-Lime soda pop

100 maraschino cherries

100 ice cubes

Mix in a punch bowl and enjoy!

HEAVENLYHASHHeavenly 100 Day Hash

10 bowls containing Cereal-Os, Mini Pretzels, Marshmallows,

Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Raisins, Chocolate Chips,

Banana Chips, Cereal Pillows, and Popcorn.

Pick 10 pieces from each bowl,

Mix together and enjoy!

paperhatNewspaper Hat

  1. Fold a newspaper hat following directions in book.
  2. Mark off a paper strip with 100 hash marks in groups of 5.
  3. Staple to brim of hat.
  4. Decorate with Day 100 banner, ribbon or badge.

MissB100thdaycrop100 Segment Snake

You’ll need:

80 ONES strips of 2”x7”green paper.

10 FIVES strips of 2”x8” red paper.

10 TENS strips of 2”x9” yellow paper.

(These body strips should be tapered from 2” on one end to about 1.5” on the other.)

1 Blue Head and 1 Blue tail segment

Arrange in a curvy “snake” shape and number each segment with digits or words or both.

100HEARTS2100 Hanging Hearts

Cut out 100 large red, pink and purple paper hearts.

Punch a hole in the center top of each and attach a

piece of heavy thread or fishing line to each.

Have your students write a number sentence such as

“Franny has 1 (one) sister.” or “Danny stacked 30 (thirty) blocks.

on several hearts each. Hang from the ceiling or create a mobile.


100 Block Tower

Use exactly 100 blocks to build one or more towers.

Miss Bindergarten builds 3 towers: the numbers 1, 0 & 0

to build the number 100!

100dayposter100 Day Posters

Some ideas for posters:

“I Could Eat 100…”

“What I Will Look Like At 100 Years Old…”

Use a stamp pad the make designs of 100 thumb or nose prints.

Pinning_Bows_8Decorate Yourself!

Miss Bindergarten pins 100 ribbon-bows on her jumper,

but you can wear them on an apron, vest or skirt.

Or use 100 buttons, stickers, googly-eyes, pom-poms,

or numbered checks. 


A Little and A LOT

Compare 100 uncooked popcorn kernels with 100 popped ones,

or 100 flat balloons with 100 inflated ones,

or 100 tiny alfalfa seeds with 100 sprouted ones.

 swingbeadsString 100 Beads

Use store bought beads or make your own from salt dough, plastic clay, dyed pasta, cereal Os or Life Saver candies.

Think of many different patterns and ways to string 100 beads. Try groups of 5, 10, 20 or 25. String in repeating sequences by color, shape or size. String in a Rainbow Pattern (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) to match Miss Bindergarten’s rug border.

Hand-Heart Wreath

Have your students trace 100 outlines of their hands onto red paper. Cut them out and arrange in an overlapping heart-shaped wreath.

Candy Kisses Classroom Hunt

(Thanks to Bev Sirois, Windsor, CA)

Write the numbers 1 to 100 on dot stickers. Stick to the bottoms of 100 candy kisses. Hide the kisses all over the classroom. Make a number grid of 100 squares and, as the students find each kiss, place on the proper square on the chart. This is a fun matching game.


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