Stressed by the Job? Great Advice to Keep your Spirits UP!


The Question:

Can you share ANY tips with a novice teacher about how you stay positive, motivated and happy to go into work day after day despite challenges that may arise?

The Answers:

It is a challenge for sure! The PAX good behavior game helps, because the “prizes” are short energetic silliness infused throughout the day (students get to act like a dog for 15 seconds, or sit on their tables for 15 seconds, or sing the alphabet song while holding their noses, etc.) Or you can do fun transitions like Go Noodle in between activities. Always remember that MOST of the students are behaving, and heap the praise on them.
Read The Courage to Teach. Pray. Get massages. Drink wine. Find someone at school who will let you vent to them And who will laugh with you. Take the kids outside and play a game with them. If the misbehaving kid is getting on your last nerve, he/she can sit far away from the game.

At lunch time,don’t work. Do something just for you. Stay organized so that YOU make your life easier. This is my 27th year and it IS tough to be there some days. But your students are not to blame for anything you’re feeling. Adults are. So try try try to focus on them. What I’m doing this year – taking a magazine to lunch off campus and getting a break from that place. Also, I use lavender oil to help calm myself down. It’s the most draining/rewarding job in the world.

Love your students first and foremost.
Find supportive people on your faculty and laugh!
Your first year is always tough. No matter whether you change schools or grade levels; you will never have another first year!! You’ve made it half way and you can do it!!
There are some great suggestions in other posts. Hang in there! The kiddos need you😊
Pray and Starbucks frappuccinos! lol
Try to read a lot of info in classroom management. Also ask your principal to observe others to really learn and take notes.
Breathe, relax, and love the kids. Stop doing too much. Less is more.
Keep your head up and go in each day with a smile! πŸ™‚
Β Find some part of the day to enjoy. Just talk to the kids or do a fun project.
Keep a feel better folder of all the wonderful things students give you throughout the year, nice notes parents wrote to you, admin messages that were positive, etc.!
Do not eat in the Teacher’s Lounge.

Funny you say that because our team bonds over lunch. If someone is missing we are wondering where they are. We have two new people on our team this year and we told them they cannot work in their room during lunch!
I don’t work at lunch. I stay away from the negativity of the Teacher’s Lounge. That is where people gripe and complain. If you want to stay positive, stay away from that place.
We sit and eat with our kiddos! It’s a great time to get to know them better, role model how to eat and just to enjoy them!
Don’t take student behavior personally
Getting through each day with no one hurt and the classroom not destroyed is sometimes the most positive thing of the day.
The first year will be the hardest. It will get better. Take care of yourself and try to find fellow teachers who can support you. I agree with the suggestion to see if you can observe fellow teachers. It’s a great way to learn
self care and 🍷
Sleep. Do something that’s for yourself, nothing to do with work, and do this regularly. I’m in my 8th year and I’ve decided not to work on weekends. It has transformed my mental fatigue. Be prepped at least two weeks out-if not more. Also helps mental fatigue. Laugh with the kids.
Download Ah-tooty-tah by Dr. Jean! It’s a fun dance and gets all ages laughing!
Know that next year will be better. I have a challenging class this year, but my last year’s class was magic. And these kids that are challenging need you so much. Keep doing what you’re doing and know that a little bit (or a lot!) is sinking into them. You got this!!

SELF- CARE! Take care of yourself and your mental health so you can take care of others. On a prep/ break or when you are not with students, always take 5 or 10 minutes to yourself to debrief. Sometimes I go outside and walk around and breathe the fresh air. It’s incredible! Or, I turn off the lights and sit and just breathe or close my eyes. Sometimes I even play meditative music and mediate. I’m always prone to get as many things done as I can when I am not with my students. I literally find myself jogging around school to get everything done. But, if I take a few minutes for me, my whole mind set changes, I feel refreshed and recharged. *Remember, you have to take care of yourself before you take care of others!*

Mary Ann
Every day was an adventure!

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